31 Aug 2009

Om Namo Narayananya

Some days ago I went quickly to my room in Springen to get something. My balkony door was open and I heart from far outside a nice melodic sound with the Mantra “Om Namo Narayanaya” which I thought cames from a CD. It was nice to listen. Short after this moment I met Guruji. He went in his room. From outside the garden you could still hear the nice chanting. He asked me: „Who is singing so nice?“ „Oh, it is from a CD...“ I answered. “No it’s not” he said, opened his balkony door and went out. A group of five people were sitting in the garden packing Vibhuti in little plastc bags. They where singing “Om Namo Narayanaya” very soft and sweet. Swamiji was happy to see this little round who packed so devoted the holy ash without talking or chatting. Dakshini, Springen

30 Aug 2009

The Maha Shivaratri day

Swami Vishwananda was sixteen years old when we celebrated Maha Shivaratri in the temple in Rose-Hill, Mauritius. Almost 200 devotees had gathered there to perform the Shiva Abishekam throughout the night. On the morning of Shivaratri, a memorable incident took place. Swami’s mother noticed that the water they had put in a copper pot in Swami Vishwananda 's room had filled itself and stopped at the brim. After a while, his father replaced the small copper pot with a larger one, and again the same thing happened – the pot filled itself and stopped at the top so the water did not overflow onto the floor. Soon the news spread, and people brought larger and larger containers, which were miraculously filled with water one after the other. The devotees present there were more focussed on filling their empty bottles to take home than on the puja itself. Swami Vishwananda then used the water to perform the Shiva Abishekam. (by the aunty of Swami Vishwananda)

29 Aug 2009

The vibhuti

When Swami Vishwananda was about thirteen or fourteen we went to visit him in his home. The elders were chatting away in the lounge and all the children were gathered in Swami’s room. Ten or eleven children were jumping up and down on the bed. They had switched off the light, but were all excited by the vibhuti that Swami was materialising in abundance and sprinkling on them. They had vibhuti all over their heads, faces and bodies. When we turned the light on, the room looked like a fog of vibhuti. It was three in the morning, and the children were still up having fun. Soon after, Swami convinced his father to start building a temple next to the house. In a very short time, with the help of volunteers from all over the island, the temple was completed and was properly inaugurated. Swami organised various activities and programs, including bhajans twice weekly and bhajan classes for children, who were given the opportunity to learn bhajans, prayers and other religious ceremonies and rituals.

27 Aug 2009

At the airport

In September 2005, I was working as a customs Officer at the International Airport in Mauritius. A young man, with a dark complexion, was passing through customs and I stopped him to ask a few questions. “Where do you live?” I asked. “I am a citizen of the world”, he replied. “But, more precisely, when you are in Mauritius, where do you live?” I persisted. “In Quatre-Bornes”, he said. “Are you living behind the Orchard-Tower? “I questioned further. I asked him this as something inside me clicked. He simply smiled and so I asked, “Swami Vishwananda?” He smiled again and said nothing. I had heard about him through a friend of mine three years ago, but never had met him. Since he was right in front of me, I asked Swami Vishwananda, “What do I need to do on my spiritual path?” -“You just have to follow your heart. I will be quite busy in September so I am staying only three days”, he replied. He looked intently into my eyes and I felt as if he was looking deep inside me. Then Swami Vishwananda said, “I’ll see you in February. I will be back for Shivaratri”. Swamiji returned to Mauritius in February of 2006. I was working in the departure hall of the airport, which is one level up from the arrival hall. It was a Sunday morning when he passed through the customs hall and asked my colleague Ajay, “Where is your friend with whom you used to go swimming every week?” “He is upstairs in the departure lounge”, Ajay replied. At that very moment I was having a problem with a passenger who was carrying undeclared goods, and I needed approval from my superior in order to give him clearance. I rushed downstairs to find my superior, only to find Ajay waving at me frantically. I went up to him and he told me that Swami Vishwananda had been looking for me. Immediately I rushed outside the building and soon found Swami. He gave me the most genuine smile. At that precise moment I thought, “I know this person from a very long time ago”. We greeted each other warmly and he gave me his phone number and told me that I could call him anytime. Later I went to meet him with my friend Ami, who is also his disciple now, and we talked for over two hours. Swami told me that indeed we knew each other from a very long time ago. He answered all my questions. Sometimes even without my asking he gave me answers. The following day he gave me a wonderful ring and I became his disciple. I also brought along my wife and two friends who also became his disciples. This started my divine love story with Swami Vishwananda. A year and a half has passed and my life has changed drastically for the better. Though I had many weaknesses, I have always trusted God and he sent me the most loving guru. I will never stop thanking the Lord for this amazing blessing. Dany - Mauritius

26 Aug 2009

A picture of Krishna

In the year 2000, Swami Vishwananda was visiting us and talking with people at our home in Switzerland; at that time I was eight years old. Finally, it was my turn to talk with Swami. For a long time, my dad had told me stories of Lord Krishna and I felt Him very close to me. I yearned from my young heart to see Krishna and to be able to talk with Him. Now my golden opportunity had arrived and I asked Swami if he would show me Krishna. Swamiji told me that within three days I would have my wish fulfilled and that I would see Krishna. My eight-year-old mind thought that Krishna would come through the window or that he would suddenly appear behind me. I thought that with Swami’s blessing, Lord Krishna, Himself would appear and speak with me like a normal human being. But it didn’t happen that way. On the evening of the third day I had just gotten into bed when, astonishingly, a picture of Krishna appeared to me! I could see only a picture of Krishna with His upper body and face as He played His flute. One after another, people who were unknown to me appeared, as pictures, and I could plainly see Krishna in them. Krishna was suddenly everywhere! In every item and in every person I could see Him. It was a very special feeling and experience; I felt as if I was free and everything was one. The morning after the three days had passed, Swami called my father and asked if I had seen Krishna. When my father asked me, I answered, “No”, because I was disappointed that I had not seen Krishna the way I imagined I would. My father told Swami on the phone that I had not seen Krishna and Swami laughed. Later I realised that not only did I see Krishna, but that Swami Vishwananda had granted me my first experience of unity with God! R.P. - Switzerland

25 Aug 2009


Although everyone has a very special and unique relationship with Swami Vishwananda, I have found his love to shine and grace everyone in an even manner. Quite often I ask myself the question: What is his real nature? Is it the one he displays during darshan, or is it the one he shows us when he is casually joking around with us? One time, Swami was working with one of his disciples and they were both enjoying each other’s company like two friends who had known each other for lifetimes. That very evening a darshan took place. When the time came for the same disciple to approach Swami Vishwananda for a blessing, he knelt in front of Swami and smiled at him. However, in Swami’s eyes, there was not a trace of recognition or personality. Moreover, Swami appeared as if he was not even there at all. He displayed only a constant flow of magnificent, limitless, consciousness. After darshan was over, we were sitting with Swami by the fire, and he confirmed to us that indeed, his true nature could be seen during darshan. M.N. - Germany

24 Aug 2009


One evening as we were gathered around Swami, he was humorously responding to spiritual questions that people were asking him. After a while, a young man asked Swami some questions conveying the idea that illumination is a very difficult thing to accomplish by the average human being. At one point, the young man said to Swami with a touch of irony, “It is easy for you to speak about illumination, because you are enlightened”. Swami’s voice did not change, but the sheer power behind his words was indescribable. “There is not a single moment where I am not aware of my mission and my role here on Earth”! he answered. Those words struck a chord deep within my heart and the thought crossed my mind, “Who is Swami?” by M.N. - Germany

23 Aug 2009

I always feel his presence inside

I have found that Swami Vishwananda dislikes idle chatter, gossip and general lazing around. He likes playing and loves life itself. He laughs a lot and has the most contagious laughter. Swami Vishwananda naturally loves all saints and their stories, and loves telling their stories and painting them. Most of all I appreciate simply being in his presence, with not much being said but at the same time feeling so immensely loved. Even when I am not in his presence physically, I inwardly feel his omnipresence and I always feel like I can communicate with him. Personally, I feel there is no difference for me whether he is physically there or travelling the world, I always feel his presence inside. I often feel him and his guidance much more strongly when I am not with him, something I experienced especially during my stay in India. Sumitra – Germany

22 Aug 2009

Working on old pain

There are phases which I have gone through when I experience Swami Vishwananda as very strict. His firmness makes me think that he doesn’t love me anymore, or that he loves everyone else much more. These, I have found, are always the times of developing, realising and learning. Swami Vishwananda puts us through these trials and tribulations so that we may work through our individual obstacles which hold us back from God. Eventually I realised that Swami had been working on an old pain I had to work through. There was a side of my ego he had to make me feel intensely, before I could really let go of it. In these situations the quickest way to get through it is to surrender the pain and just let it go without questioning it, without thinking Err, what’s wrong with him today? What have I done to make him treat me this way? Sumitra - Germany

21 Aug 2009

Love and Patience

Some time later, I had the opportunity to translate for Swami Vishwananda during private interviews with people. I observed how he created that very private contact with all people on an intimate level and was able to give them exactly what they needed at exactly the right time. This, I realised, was true love, accepting people exactly as they are, unconditionally. Once, Swami Vishwananda gave a lecture at an Easter program that touched me deeply. I felt that he addressed me alone. I was thinking, Could it really be that he is speaking only to me? Later I found out that I was not the only one who had felt that way - many people had experienced exactly the same thing. Swami Vishwananda is capable of reaching out to people on a mass scale, and teaching them with an incredible amount of love and patience. During darshan, Swami Vishwananda transmits divine energy to the crowd as well as personally when he gives the individual blessing. The individual blessing is a very intimate moment where whatever one is carrying around, be it sorrow or sickness, can be transformed by the divine energy. This is what I felt during my first darshan in Cape Town, South Africa. At other darshans I have experienced an incredible amount of energy, sometimes very powerful and sometimes very soft and tender. Sumitra, Germany

20 Aug 2009

He is my guru dev

In November 2003, I flew to Mauritius together with a few friends to see Swami Vishwananda. We stayed at a nearby hotel and went every morning to the ashram for abishekam, which was done mostly by Swami Vishwananda. Then every evening we went for aarti. On our first day there, Swami showed us around the ashram and his home in which he had lived as a boy. There were many exciting miracles that had taken place there. There was a wall on which an image of Shirdi Baba had appeared murtis which were covered in chandan, kumkum or vibhuti and there was also amrit and sacred oil flowing from statues and pictures. Just as I was leaving the room, Swami Vishwananda placed something in my hand. To my delight it was my first materialised ring. As I sat in my hotel room and recalled the day’s events, I just couldn’t believe it. It was almost too good to be true. This was the most blissful time I had ever had in my life. I also came to the realization that I had always been with Swami in every incarnation and that the pain I had experienced in this lifetime was due to my soul’s longing to be with him again. As I watch new people with Swami Vishwananda, experiencing exactly the same thing I did then, my own love for him grows stronger as I recall how I felt during my first visit to Mauritius, and I experience those feelings all over again. Sumitra - Germany

19 Aug 2009

He stands by my side

Swami Vishwananda’s presence has brightened and beautified my life in many different ways. I didn’t think when I first met him in April 2004 that the event would have such a deep impact on me and that it would bring so much fresh, positive energy into my life. My meeting with Swami helped me to solve, in a very beautiful way, a complex situation that was making my life very difficult. Assured of his unconditional love and support, I was able to fearlessly take new steps in my life. His support is beyond what any worldly friendship could have to offer. The more I get to know him, the deeper I understand what he is doing for me and how much love he showers on all of us. Many miracles have taken place in my life; meeting him has brought so much light and joy. The benefits I have received from these experiences have given me a deeper awareness of God’s energy and the divine love for my life and myself. I now understand that God’s love is always available and always present. My sadhana has steadily progressed over the years and it has brought more power and devotion into my meditation. Meeting my guru has influenced my life tremendously, as he has taught me how to get rid of old things and move forward fearlessly. It is the most wonderful feeling to know that Swami Vishwananda stands right by my side throughout life and will never let me down. Tilakavati – Russia

18 Aug 2009

The Clematis

When Swami Vishwananda visited my home for the first time in January 1999, I wanted to receive Him with flowers in bloom. Now on the steps to the cellar stood a pot with dead Clematis, which I had decided to throw away for compost. When Swami Vishwananda came and saw it, he stroked it. Three days later from that dry pile a beautiful fresh plant arose, with intensely shining large violet blooms. It was still January and a long time before the normal flowering time for Clematis. Since then it has flowered every single year. When we returned home from the meeting with Swami at Flueli Ranft, seven new blooms shone waiting for us. by Therese- Switzerland

As light as a leaf

On one occasion, while Swami Vishwananda was in Rose Hill in Mauritius, He wanted to get something from the top of the van but He could not reach it, as the roof was too high for Him. He asked me if I would help Him. I put my hands together so that He could use them as a step up to reach the top of the van. I was amazed to find that I could barely feel the weight of Swami Vishwananda!

15 Aug 2009


Sometimes Visham has visions of Mary or Jesus. Whenever He had a vision, He would suddenly fall on His knees with folded hands. He would look upwards and His lips moved sometimes. From time to time He would smile very tenderly, or a few teardrops would run from His eyes. Other people would not see anything and just stood there, praying, waiting, and knowing that something special was happening. After an apparition of the Divine, Visham was always very subdued. When He was able to speak again, I used to question Him: “What did Mary look like? What colour were Her clothes? How did she wear the veil?” He then always described the incredible Love that emanated from her. He was rapt and it was so nice to listen to Him talking about what He had seen: “The light behind Her was so bright, you cannot imagine, much brighter than sunshine! Around Her were many little Angels, some didn’t feel like singing and looked bored…” He often received messages of Mary, which He sometimes wrote down and read to us. It was very nice to see Him in this Ecstasy. (by Drishti)

14 Aug 2009

The mother comes looking for her child

The first time I met Swami Vishwananda was in 2004 in Baden-Baden, Germany, where he stayed in a private home to give interviews. In my mind I pictured a white-haired, bearded old man. That was my image of a guru at that time. I went to meet Swami with a friend and his parents. As we reached the house in Baden-Baden, I was excited, nervous and treading softly, I followed my friends into a room where we were asked to wait. There were many nice pictures and it smelled of incense. My thoughts were interrupted by a gentle, soft voice. “Hello”, a beautiful young man said. My friend and I went with Swamiji into the interview room and sat down on the floor. I had to force myself not to stare at Swami all the time because the beauty, purity and light he reflected were breathtaking. I thought: Now I know how people must have felt 2000 years ago when they sat with Jesus. Swami asked my friend who I was as he smiled at me kindly. Before the interview, my friend’s parents had told me that I could ask Swamiji questions about my spiritual path, my health or something like that. Since I didn’t have a question I wanted to ask Swami. I decided to tell him about a wart which I had on the sole of my right foot. But as I now sat in front of Swami and he looked at me in such a kind way, I realised that my question was insignificant and almost ridiculous. We talked about more important things than warts and, at the end of the interview, Swamiji gave us his blessings. Before we left the house, I bought a small picture of Swamiji that I wanted to carry with me in order to remember his beauty and his smile all the time. After the interview I was happy and filled with love and joy; I felt like I had found a new friend. That first meeting with Swami Vishwananda was so simple and natural that all my previous worries and doubts just vanished into thin air, leaving only a profound happiness. I went to meet Swami Vishwananda without any expectations because I knew very little about spiritual masters or gurus. In my life I had felt a yearning in my heart, like a presentiment, that there must exist somewhere, something that can give one the feeling of harmony and being whole. Sometimes, when I was in deep despair, I inwardly cried from deep within my heart, Jesus, if it is true that you are there, if you are truly the saviour of men, then please come to my rescue or send me someone who can help me. I always had the feeling that one day I would have a spiritual teacher. I had planned to go to America after I finished school in order to find my teacher. Amazingly, now the teacher had come to me. It was not the child who went looking for the mother; it was the mother who came looking for the child! Kalyani - Germany

13 Aug 2009

The Maha Shivaratri day

Swami Vishwananda was sixteen years old when we celebrated Maha Shivaratri in the temple in Rose-Hill, Mauritius. Almost 200 devotees had gathered there to perform the Shiva Abishekam throughout the night. On the morning of Shivaratri, a memorable incident took place. Swami Vishwananda’s mother noticed that the water they had put in a copper pot in Swami’s room had filled itself and stopped at the brim. After a while, his father replaced the small copper pot with a larger one, and again the same thing happened – the pot filled itself and stopped at the top so the water did not overflow onto the floor. Soon the news spread, and people brought larger and larger containers, which were miraculously filled with water one after the other. The devotees present there were more focussed on filling their empty bottles to take home than on the puja itself. Swami Vishwananda then used the water to perform the Shiva Abishekam.

11 Aug 2009

Devotion to God

Whenever I went to Mauritius as a child, I would sleep in Swami’s room with him. At first I found it really scary with the pictures of different deities on the wall at night; however, Swami Vishwananda would tell me stories of the different deities to put my mind at ease. I was amazed that at fourteen years of age, he was able to tell me all these stories in so much detail. His devotion to God was so apparent and inspiring even at that age. Within a couple of days I was aspiring to be like my older brother, asking my mum for money so I could buy pictures of deities for myself!( by Ravi)

10 Aug 2009

The Shiva Lingham

On one occasion Swami Vishwananda was almost twelve years old as he saw a huge black 20-25 kg marble Shiva lingam in a shop window that he really wanted. However, it was too expensive and he had to save his pocket money in order to buy it. He was unable to ask his parents for the money, as it was such a large sum just to pay for a lingam. Therefore Swami Vishwananda starved himself and saved his lunch money towards the lingam, until he had enough to pay for it. Swami then secretly brought the lingam home in a trolley and hid it at the back of the garden and would do puja to it every morning before leaving the house.

(by Ravi)The Shiva lingham is still in the ashram in Mauritius.

9 Aug 2009

Spending his pocket money on pictures of Gods

On the different occasions that I visited Swami Vishwananda in Mauritius, I would leave with new fond memories. When I was eleven years old and I returned to Mauritius after a longer period, I found that Swami Vishwananda had changed quite a bit. He was no longer known as Papou and was called Visham. He had also grown a lot taller. Along with the exterior changes, Swami had also changed his interests. Generally teenagers of his age had posters of football players or movie stars on their walls. However, Swami’s bedroom walls were completely covered in pictures of different Hindu deities. I found that when we went to the shops together, he would spend all his pocket money on pictures of Gods.(by Ravi)

8 Aug 2009

Swami’s early devotion

I have known Swami Vishwananda since he was a child, as he is my cousin. The earliest memory I have of Swami is when I was seven years old and I went on holiday to Mauritius. I remember Swami as being a very hard working boy. Everyday he would wake up very early in the morning and pray with our grandmother. He would then do all his household chores before going to school in the morning and continued them upon his return from school. When I visited Mauritius, we would always have a lot of fun and get into a lot of mischief and play games. One of my earliest recollections was enacting the Ramayana. Swami would play the role Rama, his sister Tina was Sita and I was Lakshmana. We would make bows and arrows from branches and try to recreate the special effects from the Ramayana television series! Together we would fire the arrows with a fire cracker attached to the end and would pretend to attack demons in my grandparents’ garden. (by Ravi)

7 Aug 2009

Vishnu & Lakshmi

The last materialisation Swami Vishwananda undertook in relation to me happened while I was in Mauritius with him. He had come out of his room holding a brass statue depicting Vishnu and Lakshmi. It was the size of the palm of my hand. In a cheeky way he said, “Hmmm…. good sign,” and smiled. When I asked him what he meant he explained that the Goddess Lakshmi signifies spiritual and material wealth among other virtues. At the time my business was going through a very difficult phase financially: his message promised improvements in the near future. A little over two months later, the company was self-sufficient, sustainable and out of financial distress. The statue now forms part of the altar in our temple at Steffenshof. (by Vishwakurunandhanananda)


Shortly after I met Swami Vishwananda, he materialized something that looked like a diamond . When he gave it to me casually, at first I was disappointed. Inwardly I thought it was a simple little glass stone. What was I to do with a seemingly worthless piece of glass? In retrospect I feel ashamed of my attitude back then. How could I even have considered that he’d give me something that wasn’t precious? Many years later, after not treating the little stone with due respect, it dawned on me that I may have been wrong about it. I asked some people for their assessment, and as I carefully scratched a little bit of glass I started to realise that it was very possibly a diamond. While I could have taken it to an expert and really found out, I didn’t do that. The point here is that regardless of whether it was a genuine diamond or not, I hadn’t treated it as something precious. It is a symbol of how I treated myself and symbolically how most of us treat ourselves. We’re eagles and diamonds, sons and daughters of the heavens, but we often walk through life regarding ourselves mistakenly to be chickens and fake diamond glass stones.
(by Vishwakurunandhanananda)

6 Aug 2009

“You don’t need a Ring”

Drishti from Germany tells us her story about the ring that Swami Vishwananda materialised for her: "During the next few months I tried to visit Him as often as I could. I found that many people received a materialised little gift from Him, except me, and I was quite sad about it. I thought He didn’t love me as much as He loved the others. When I went for a consultation in Switzerland, He gave some things to others and I dared to ask Him: “I would also love to have a ring from you.” He smiled at me and answered: “But you don’t need one!” I thought, OK, and went back home feeling a bit sad. Arriving at home, I called a friend who consoled me with the words that it was wonderful that I didn’t receive a ring because I didn’t need one! I should be happy about it, and I was finally all happy again! Four weeks later, I met Visham again in Switzerland. He had me called as He wanted to speak to me urgently. He said: “Last time I felt sorry that I didn’t give you a ring.” I sat before Him and answered: “But please, don’t feel sorry, I don’t need a ring, I am happy without it.” He smiled at me and said: “Now I make you one!” and He materialised a ring with a big stone on it. The whole atmosphere was filled with Love. The big stone always touched my finger with its top, like permanent acupuncture. Swami told me that the stone was like an antenna which receives the kind of energy that I needed. Sometimes the ring hurts a bit. This is due to the receiving of energy, Swami explained."

5 Aug 2009

Shirdi Sai Baba Silver Ring

Around the world Swami Vishwananda materialised many rings for devotees. They are a protection for the personn who wears it. Vishwakuruananda remembers the ring that Swami manifested for him:
"The description of the items that Swami materialized for me all serve to explain their deeper significance to me and overall.. They all happened in 1998, that is within a few months after first meeting him. When I met Swami, he was materialising vibhuti, rings and other things on a regular basis. I had never worn a ring in my life, so when he materialised a silver ring for someone, I believe it was Urs and said to him, “If you were ever to give me a ring, I would like to have a silver one like the one you’ve just materialized.” That same evening he materialised a Shirdi Sai Baba silver ring for me which I wear on my right-hand middle finger. I love Shirdi Sai Baba, as he represents humility and simplicity for me. I resonated with these qualities and felt a particular connection to him, even though I couldn’t fully grasp it. Later I met several individuals who seemed to have a similar connection with this saint: all of us shared a mutual feeling that we might have been with him in his lifetime".

4 Aug 2009

Polishing the shoes?

Small miracles happens around Swami Vishwananda. A devotee wrote us this story:
Whenever I needed guidance or help, I asked Swami Vishwananda in my meditations, and help and guidance was unfailingly given. There was no doubt in my mind that Swami was assisting me whenever I meditated and asked for help. Yet Swami Vishwananda is very subtle and never takes credit for any help or guidance that I received.
A small incident happened to show the subtleness He displays. We had a function at a house, and I arrived just on time. I thanked the Lord for the new tradition I had adopted of leaving my shoes outside the house, as they were filthy dirty! It would have been embarrassing walking into the function with my dirty shoes. I left my shoes outside with thirty other pairs (I noticed that most of them were dirty) and went inside. Later on during the night, we were making a mould for Swami’s feet and I noticed that the mould began to crack slightly. I began filling in the cracks and Swami walked in and jokingly said, “Don’t change the size of my feet.” Later on I had to collect something from my car. I went outside and was about to put on my shoes, when I noticed that they had been beautifully polished. Everyone else’s where dirty but mine were shining! I thanked the owner of the house for cleaning my shoes but she replied that she had no idea what I was talking about and that she did not have time to polish my shoes. I knew that Swami had acknowledged me for fixing the mould. Although this is a small almost inconsequential incident, it showed me the humility of this great Avatar. There are many levels to Swami Vishwananda and I have only just seen the tip of the iceberg. I thank the Divine Mother for giving me an opportunity to have a Guru that has qualities that I can only aspire to. I know that my life journey has only just begun.

3 Aug 2009

Who is Swami Vishwananda?

Pari told me:"Many friends ask me: Who is Swami Vishwananda? Actually this is a very difficult question and is nearly impossible to find an answer. If you look at the life of Swami Vishwananda, his teachings and how he behaves with people whom are around, you can see only pure love and light. It doesn’t matter, what he is doing, he does everything with much love and patience. Swami Vishwananda has patience with everyone and loves everyone in the same way. He would never judge or talk bad behind your back. Some people judge him because they don’t understand who he really is. They have an image about a Guru in their mind and think he has to be like they want him to be.  He loves to laugh and to be together with people and act like everyone else but he is always aware of his mission. He is doing the prayers and pujas with so much love that you feel Gods presence in you and all around you. If you look at him with physical eyes you see him as a “normal” human being, but he is not human at all. He is a direct incarnation of God in a human body. He is here to uplift and to help us find the way back home to God. I’m eternally grateful to have Swamiji in my life. I love him with all my heart and all my soul". 

2 Aug 2009

Impossible dreams coming true

We know that Swami Vishwananda helps people around the world. This ability began very early with friends and at school in Mauritius. One of his old friends, Arwin remembers how Swami was on his side during his studies:
"In 1996, I completed college and was waiting for my final grades; then I got an interview for a nursing officer position. When Swami Vishwananda and I were discussing it one afternoon, I expressed it was my dream job. “Why are you worrying about it?” he asked. I said there was much competition for the position and he reassuringly said, “Don’t worry, you already got the job”. I became carefree, trusting in what he’d said.   Later I interviewed before the board responsible for approving the prospective candidates and their concluding words to me were, “Consider the job yours”. The next time I saw Swami Vishwananda, I happily said I‘d got the job and he said, “This is just the beginning. Take my word for it; you are going to be a doctor very soon”. His statement was completely unexpected and seemingly impossible to me because my finances did not permit further study.   So I continued with my job as a nursing officer and in my spare time worked as a first aid officer. I devoted all my time to this work, but soon had some problems with the organisation which forced me to leave. I felt completely crushed and lost. This was such a big part of my life and I didn’t know what to do.   Then a friend called one day to suggest that since I’d done so well on the first aid training course, I could apply to medical school to become a doctor. I told him I didn’t have the money. He suggested I attend school in Russia and pay annually: He said he’d arrange it for me at the University of St. Petersburg. So I contacted St. Petersburg University, sent in my application and was accepted. At the time, I was working as a nursing officer at a hospital and couldn’t break my contract. No one was being granted a leave, but I wrote the hospital a letter requesting leave-without-pay to further my studies and bought my airline ticket to Russia. The date of the flight was growing nearer and no answer had come from the hospital ministry. I simply trusted what Swami Vishwananda had told me and thought whether they accepted or rejected my request for leave, I didn’t care. The date of my flight arrived and I left for St. Petersburg. It was a Saturday. Two days later on Monday, the letter approving my leave application arrived. As a student in Russia, I was very fortunate and bonded with my new professor. I was staying with him, which was very unusual. The other students had begun their course two years earlier. Despite this obstacle, I scored first in my final exam, which I put down to my professor’s faith in me". Arwin – Mauritius 

1 Aug 2009

Seva activities

Swami Vishwananda carried out many activities to help others. He is very disciplined in carrying out these practices. A close disciple tells us how she experimented from early time the sevas activities of Swami:
"We visited the orphanage once a month, organised blood donations on a regular basis and went on many outings to spiritual sites. We went on many fun picnics, singing bhajans in the bus all the way. To celebrate the twentieth birthday of Swami Vishwananda, a picnic party was planned and three buses filled with devotees participated with great joy. We also took this occasion to bring some handicapped children out to the seaside. Games to suit these children were organised by the bhajan teacher and everyone had a great time! On one occasion Swami Vishwananda visited his aunt’s place in Beau Bassin. There he saw a lovely picture on the wall in the kitchen and said, “I want that picture. I need it”. – “Here… you can have it”, his aunt replied.  Soon after, everyone proceeded to the Rose-Hill ashram where Swami gave his aunt a picture frame in exchange for the picture. She put it behind the door and when she went to get the frame before leaving, to her astonishment, the picture was covered with fuchsia-pink coloured vibhuti. Swami Vishwananda has shown us the way of light and raised the level of our spiritual awareness. I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity to recount some of the experiences we have shared with Swami.  Thank you for everything Swami! With all my respect, love and humility, I surrender my ignorance and arrogance. Bless me with your love. Jai Gurudev!  B. D. - United Kingdom