31 Aug 2010

Re-Decoration of the Temple Altar!

Every now and again we re-decorate the Temple Altar in so as to keep it fresh and dynamic and in certain cases, so it is better suited to an upcoming event or celebration. So with Krishna's Birthday just around the corner we thought this was the perfect opportunity to completely change the 'look'!
Naturally we cannot always agree on what looks best, and so in this particular case we began a lengthy discussion regarding the inclusion or removal of the red and orange banner seen at the top of the altar linking the curtains in the above picture. After what seemed like an age, we decided it wasn't all that good so we removed it!
As you can see here, Jaahnvi has painted a new background for Krishna's little painted Cottage.
And Krishna waited....
and waited...
...and finally:
He looked happy once more!-
When Swamiji came back he was delighted with the new look and was indeed very happy! :)

30 Aug 2010

Here some Fotos from the Darshan last night in Springen Gemeindehalle
Swamiji arrived Saturday night from hit tour -This morning we saw him in a good mood- talking a few words to everybody who was in need...

Vijaya and Daya spoke in the beginning  - (Vijayas german/ french and the way he was behaving was somehow like Mr. Beam and made it a bit funny...)

The Bhajan Band: 

Swamiji gave a nice speach- I will try to get the exact words in the next days.

28 Aug 2010

The former ‘Brücke’ in Vienna, now a Yoga-Center (thanks to the new owners Tammy and Mario), was bursting at the seams with devotees and with people who came for the first time to a Darshan with Sri Swami Vishwananda. Like in Prague the room was far too small and many devotees were kind enough to give their places to the many newcomers who met Swamiji for the first time. Dharmananda supported the bhajan music group as they played in between wonderful, insightful speeches given by the Pandit, Dr. Satya Narayan Das. Once again a most heartfelt thank you to all who participated!

It was crowded and hot – and therefore for sure a huge challenge for some to accept the Indian-like conditions. But everybody who looked into the eyes of our Guru experienced the pureness and love which spread out into the whole room and unity was not only a word but became a living reality.
Of course it was of little surprise that after the darshan, Swamiji gave spontaneously satsangs for the several different groups present: one for the Czech, one for the Polish, one for the Croatian and finally the Austrians. It was improvised but wonderful!
We want to thank for the hospitality we encountered in all the visited countries during this tour. Swamiji is full of praise and is looking forward to undergoing several more tours in the years to come.
Jai Gurudev! In the name of Bhakti Marga and Bhakti Event:

26 Aug 2010

Swamiji in Karlstein

We didn't get any photos from the Darshan in Prag yet, but 2 nice pictures from a trip yesterday morning to the castle of Karlstein:

25 Aug 2010

Live stream Darshan tonight

Connect yourself with Swami over Live Stream, as he gives Darshan in Prague. Wednesday August 25 2010, starting at 17:00. Click here
Sorry- doesn't work- ---

24 Aug 2010

Darshan in Helsinki

About the Darshan last night Yamunashree wrote:

In Helsinki: In the evening of the full moon about 240 excited participants arrived at the yoga studio. There was a relaxed and attentive atmosphere during the whole evening.
Dharmananda also came just for the music (he had trained with the bhajan group already during one weekend in July). The excitement caught also Pandit Satya Narayana Das and he joined in the Krishna bhajans.

Gurujis speech and the speech of the pandit have been excellently translated. There was a special end to the evening with our hosts, where Guruji thanked the helpers by serving them.

We have already been asked when Swamiji will come back- particularly as more than 150 people have received his blessing for the first time and they would like to see him again. We will come back, Helsinki, that´s for sure!

23 Aug 2010

Sightseeing in Helsinki

Swami Vishwananda did a sightseeing tour in Helsinki.
Here some pictures from their visit of the orthodox Uspenski-Kathedral

On the way they met some Maurition tourists which recognised Swamiji.

He had to take also a Tourist-Photographer-Job:

(Thanks, Yamuna!!!)

Swami in Finland

Last night Swami Vishwananda arrived in Finland.

At the Airport - so happy faces!

This time, together with Swamiji "on tour" is Doc Satya Narayana Dasa, a very well known Pandit and Professor from India / Vrindavan. 

Swamiji's favorite  Cookies.
Sunset in Finland

(Thanks, Yamunashree, for the pictures!)

19 Aug 2010

Bhairav, the guardian of the Devis

Some time ago Swami Vishwananda "installed" a big stone in front of the Kali Temple. I asked him about the meaning and he told me:

"It is Bhairav, a guardian who takes care for the Devis. He came into my dream one night and told me where I would find this special stone in the forest. I send somebody to the place and he found the stone."

Now here is the story of Bhairav:
The young Vaishnava Devi goddess went ahead and Bhairav (a selfish Demon) followed her. She kept a guard outside the cave and asked him not to allow Bhairav to enter the cave. When Bhairav tried to enter the guard forbade him and a terrific battle started. There after Devi took the form of goddess Kali and killed Bhairav. In the dying moment Bhairav said: "Mother, I am not mourning my death as I have died at the hands of mother creator. But I pray you gracious mother to pardon me. I did not know you in the girl form. Mother, if you do not forgive my sins then the whole world may hate me." On hearing the cry of a child addressed to the mother again and again, mother took pity on Bhairav and gave him a boon of liberation. She not only granted Bhairav liberation from the cycle of reincarnation, she said also: “My devotees will always visit your place after having my 'Darshan'!”
So it came that it is believed that the Prayer to the Devis is only complete after worshipping also Bhairav.

15 Aug 2010

Black Madonna of Einsiedeln

In the year 2000 the very first chapel of Swami Vishwananda was inaugrated in Quatre Bornes/Mauritius. The ceremony took place on the auspicious and uniting Christian feastday 15th of August . The local catholic priest took part in the festivities and was blessing the chapel and whole center with holy water.
The main statue behind the altar is an image of the very famous Black Madonna of Einsiedeln /Switzerland. Swami Vishwananda has been collecting some of those beautiful statues of the Divine Mother during his travellings or people donated them from all over the world. Most of the Madonnas are images of Mother Mary appearing at pilgrimage places such as Lourdes, Fatima, La Salette, Mexiko, India and many more.
During these days the chapel was filled with a wonderful rose smell. Some of the Mary statues where covered with rose oil, on others one could see tears in the eyes.

14 Aug 2010


On August 13 the second Danya Lakshmi Tombola drawing took place in our Shree Peetha Nilaya Center. This time our Alana (Daya and Ram´s daughter) did with a lot of joy and enthusiasm the drawing of the second round:
1. Price (lovely T-Shirt from Swamiji): Svilia Lucie (CZ)
2. Price (Padukas): Sabine Schilling (D)
3. Price (CD): Jishnu (RUS)
4. Price (book): Nevenka Luebbing (D)
5. Price (book): Madhuri (I)
For the next drawing on 13th September 2010 you can win this time a very extraordinary price: Swamiji gave us his Mala with a Lakshmi-Narshingadev pendant which he wore often and used for praying. A special chance not to be missed. 2nd price is the birthday package with a limited Photo and Shivaratri CD. 3rd price birthday package with a limited Photo plus incense and prices 4 and 5 will receive a book.
All participants of the Tombola get the chance again to win the main price on the 3 monthly special drawing on September 13 which is our Inspriational Pilgrimage trip to Konnersreuth/Therese Neumann with Swami Vishwananda in October 1 – 3. Further info dakshini@bhaktimarga.org
You can purchase the tickets, 32 Euro each, in our Bhakti Shop or Dakshini. You can also get a ticket online: Please transfer 32,- Euro with the remark ´tombola` to the following account: Bhakti Event GmbH, Frankfurter Sparkasse, Konto 200282891, BLZ 500 502 01, IBAN: DE295005 0201 0200282891, BIC: FRASDEFFXXX and send an e-mail to tombola@bhaktimarga.org
We wish you lots of fun and good luck with this game your tombola

13 Aug 2010

My story began with a letter...

I sent to my aunt in Moscow.
In my letter I wrote that I was feeling well and that my life was actually fine except that there was still something really important missing. A couple of weeks later she informed me with inexplicable delight that Swami Vishwananda was coming to Moscow and that I should come to see him.

At first I had my doubts since the trip to Moscow would be long and costly and I had plenty of work to do, moreover, I knew nothing about Swami Vishwananda. My aunt tried to persuade me by saying: “Just imagine, you’ve got a rare chance to meet with Christ, did you know that devotees even travel on foot to visit Holy places. We regard him as Christ”. That was when I decided to go.
I did not expect anything special from my first meeting with Swami Vishwananda.

We arrived long before the beginning of the Satsang so we took our seats in the front row and spent some time observing the preparations for the darshan and enjoying the music and the beautiful singing. As time went on more and more people arrived until the big hall got completely packed and everyone waited with impatience for Swamiji to make his entrance.
Finally….he arrived!
All of a sudden the atmosphere in the hall changed and some people became very excited while others became quiet and motionless as they watched Swami enter the room.

It was as though time had stopped. I did not know what to do or how to behave when Swami walked by me. At that moment something strange happened within me but none of my relatives noticed anything even though they were standing close by. Tears were flowing down my eyes, I felt shivers down my spine and my whole body started to tremble. To my great surprise I could do nothing to control these reactions. I felt strong vibrations all over my body as though I were going through some strange transformation. At that moment I realized that I did not know myself at all. Once someone had told me that God is vibration and that was exactly what I felt when Swami walked past me.
After this my life has never been the same.

6 Aug 2010

To my beloved Guruji

One morning, while doing my daily sadana, I was intensely aware of Swami’s presence. His love pervaded me in such a way that a poem spontaneously arose from this love.

Milk and honey I offer you;
Let me humbly anoint your holy feet.
Your love you bestow on me;
It’s more than a thousand greetings.
Messenger of God are you.
The light of the Lord you send to me.

Thus I can walk my path.
Your light is shining, and I can see;
Into the valley,
And to lofty heights
You are guiding me.
Thank you, o Lord, over and over again.
When I reach the end one day,
I will see your light like one thousand suns.

In the light you stand waiting for me,
And I recognize the, You, that is me.
Your light shines and shines so far,
Far out into all eternity.

Jai Gurudev

Rolf – Germany

4 Aug 2010

Short trip to London

This morning Swami Vishwananda went to London. Tomorrow there will be interviews and a mudra seminar at the Hale Clinic.

2 Aug 2010


                          "I bow down"

to your Lotusfeet

"...In life one needs the blessing of a Guru!  ...the master carries the amrit, the nectar, even when you don't perceive it with the mind, but you do receive it!...
 Enjoy the nectar, enjoy the sweetness…"
Swami Vishwananda

Bow Down

This is how God becomes dust.
Touch your forehead to the earth,
bow down to the light in your body.
When the light within lifts up your head, crying
"Do not worship me, for I am you,"
bow down, bow down.
All around you, dripping with quietness,
flowers are doing this to rain.
The golden moth that lives one day
is doing this to flame.
The moon does it to the sun.
One breath does it to another.
Receive yourself.
Bow down and drink.
Be the mother of your heart:
this is how dust becomes God.


God is Fair!

During a Satsang Swami Vishwananda was asked:
"We say God is fair, then why is it that we see good people suffering and bad people happy in their lives?"

Morning above some temples in Vrindavan near the River Yamuna
Swami’s response:
Each person born brings karma with him into this world, and thereby each has a certain destiny. When someone is doing bad things and is thinking that is the reality, do you think he will want God? It will be greatly difficult for this person to move away from all those things and realize God. Whereas good people who are always suffering, continuously focus on God and pray, 'Oh God, please make my suffering go away.'
Krishna in Vrindavan

Do you know Krishna? He’s next to Jesus (Krishna came in the linage of the Great Masters and Jesus came next). Krishna lived about 5000 years ago. Similarly, the Hindus have Krishna and the Christians have Jesus. Krishna had an aunt named, Ghandari. There came a time when there was a big war in which all the sons of his aunt were killed. After that event, Krishna came to his aunt and said, “What do you want?” Do you know what she answered? “My Lord, give me many problems so that I always will remember you.” So, when people have everything and are always happy, they forget about God. But when problems arise again in the life, they run again to seek the Divine help. As you said, “God is fair,” and He always gives.