25 Jun 2011

About Gayatri Devi

Krishna said in the Gita “aham Gayatri tvam mantra.” which means “Among all the Mantras, I am the Gayatri Mantra.”

oṃ bhur bhuvaḥ svaḥa

tát savitúr váren yaṃ

bhárgo devásya dhimahi

dhi yo yó naḥ pracodáyāt

Gayatri Devi is the creator (Brahma), protector (Vishnu) and destroyer (Shiva). She has all aspects of the creator, protector and destroyer in Her and all the weapons represent these Divine qualities, that we were just talking about. She is sitting on a red lotus, which symbolizes that She has the whole power (Parashakti). Her whip symbolizes the destruction of all the sins. Also the axe destroys the ego, pride and arrogance. She has a swan which symbolizes purity. It is the ultimate purity without any negativity, because She is the manifestation of Brahman Itself.

When you chant the Gayatri Mantra, it gives calmness to the mind and when the mind is calm, you will have peace


Five faces: Gayatri Devi has five faces, which symbolize the five elements. The whole Universe is bind by these five elements, but not everywhere it has these five elements in action.

Ten hands: She has ten hands, that are showing that She is ever ready to come to your help. The position of Her hands show “Don’t fear anything my children”. “I am a Mother. I am here always to protect you.” She will give you everything. Just by chanting the Mantra you will get everything what you want in life.

This yagna is conducted by Sri Swami Vishwananda and is dedicated to the Divine Mother in the form of Gayatri Devi. The yagna takes place over a period of 3 days and the first day is usually dedicated to the invocation of Gayatri devi by carrying out a kalash puja. Discourse about Gayatri devi is sometimes given by Swami. All participants take part in offering havan samagri and rice into the yagna kund whilst chanting the Gayatri mantra. All present receive the benefit and the blessing of both Gayatri Devi and Sri Swami Vishwananda.

23 Jun 2011

Tomorrow begins the Gayatri Yagna with Swami Vishwananda

In Springen Swami Vishwananda will perform the Gayatri Yagna from
Friday 24th June to Sunday 26th June

20 Jun 2011

New CD with Swamiji

On his last trip in South Africa Swamiji recordet a new Cd in a professional Music Studio.
You can order the CD at: "Bhaktishop" or mail to: order@bhaktishop.de
(Also available at "Silenzio-Music")

12 Jun 2011


Tombola raffle starting on the 33rd Birthday of


First prize

The shoes in which Swami visited

all holy places in Israel 2011!

For his 33rd birthday Swami wishes the reopening of his International

Center Shree Peetha Nilaya in Springen to take place as soon as

possible. Instead of offering personal presents to him you are invited to

participate in a tombola. All proceeds will be used only for the renovation

of the buildings.

There are only 108 tickets each costing €33!

The draw will take place at Gurupurnima 15th July 2011 in Springen.

2nd Prize

T-Shirt that Swami particularly likes and

often wore…

3rd Prize

Three days during Navaratri

2011, between 28th September

and 6th October, in Swami’s

Center in a single room with full

board free of charge.

To participate:

You can purchase tickets either by:

1. Cash payment in the Bhakti Shop in the Center in Springen (Mataji Tusti) or

2. Ordering via e-mail and the transfer of €33 per ticket. When cashed you will

receive one or more ticket numbers.

Email: tombola@bhaktimarga.org

Please send emails in English or German.

Bank account

Account: Bhakti Event GmbH

Account Number: 200 282 891, Frankfurter Sparkasse

IBAN: DE295005 0201 0200282891

Israel pilgrimage (part 3)

During a lovely lunchbreak Swamiji was explaing to us about the appearance of the holy light at the Church of the Holy Sepulcre.

Pillar at the entrance to the Holy Sepulcre where the holy light comes out every easter

Joseph of Arimathea was the man who donated his own prepared tomb for the burial of Jesus after Jesus' Crucifixion. Joseph took the body from the cross, wrapped it in the fine linen and applied myrrh and aloes.

Jesus body was placed on this rock after Josef took him down from the cross which is very close to the entrance of the church. The visitors bring roserys, shawls and many many other things to bless on the stone.