22 May 2010

The situation is serious!

We have to inform you, that due to recent events, we have to put our full focus and energy, effective immediately, towards the renovation of the Center in Springen.

Which means (until further notice):
• no events
• no Darshans
• no accommodation
In other words:
• The center needs to be closed down
• Only the daily prayers will take place

Reason: The construction authorities have informed us that as long as certain building requirements are not being met, no accommodation and no events are to take place in our buildings.
In order to realise the necessary construction and safety requirements, together with Swami, the following “goals” were set:
1. To be able to use a part of the building (west-wing where chapel and temple are situated, incl. guest rooms as well the main entrance area incl. the kitchen) investments of approx. € 3 Mio. are needed.
2. The minimum financial requirement for us to open the construction site is € 500'000.- that we need by 31.07.2010
3. If it’s not possible to raise this sum within that period, the construction cannot begin and the center has to remain closed down.

Please help, so that Swamiji can continue his work and you and many others can continue to be involved in his mission.
For further Informations you can call us anytime:
Anashuya: +49(0)178-3204820 (engl.)
Paartha: +49(0)163-2942725 (engl. german, french)

If you wand to give a donation right away it should go to the following Account:

Bhakti Marga Orden Deutschland e.V.,
Bankcode.: 50050201, Account number.: 200300016
IBAN: DE53 5005 0201 0200 3000 16 , BIC: HELADEF1822
Bank: FraSpa, Reason: „Springen Renovation Project”
Or if you need a tax deducible donation receipt it must go as donation to our charity account:
(we also need your full address!):
Bhakti Marga Yoga GGmbH,
Bankcode.: 50050201, Accound number.: 200140400
IBAN: DE72 5005 0201 0200 1404 00 , BIC: HELADEF1822
Bank: FraSpa, Reason: „BMY, Springen Meditatonscenter“

13 May 2010

Yagna and Darshan in Meran

At this wonderful Place was happening the Yagna event