31 Jan 2012

At the Sea

During the time Swami Vishwananda was in Mauritius, one day he went to the seaside with his devotees.

29 Jan 2012


Swami Vishwananda already said last year, that he will not talk before Darshan anymore, that now it is our turn!
So, Pritala (Swami VishwaVijayananda) spoke about the little "tests" Swamiji gave to him in daily situations!
How little notes aside from Swamiji can challenge him and how they can work him up in sweat.
And that he passes not all tests, and some only barely!

27 Jan 2012

We all picked Him up!

Some of us got the idea that it would be nice if we go all together and pick Swami Vishwananda up from the airport.
So we started to count the people, the cars we need, how much it would cost ...
The next idea was to rent a bus. Everybody had to pay 5,-€ and on the way back Swamiji would sit with us! Wonderful!
We all went a bit earlier to the Temple prayer - shortened it a bit and then everybody quickly got on the bus to Frankfurt airport.
We were all very excited and our hearts were full of joy! This would be a surprise for Swamiji!
We did the Narasimha Prayer and the Hanuman Chalisa and some Guru-Bhajans in the bus and arrived at the airport soon - Swamiji's plane arrived at the same time.
Now we had to wait! And of course we sung Bhajnas, one after the other and the passengers wondered...
And then - finally Swami came!
He was very happy - and we too!
Later in the bus he thanked us for this heartful welcome, for all the love he felt and that to arrive in this cold winter in Germany the warmness of our hearts makes him very happy to be here!

24 Jan 2012

Swami Vishwananda gave an amazing Satsang on the bus

I have given the most easier sadhana of all with Atma Kriya. There is no other sadhana.
Because by practicing the Atma Kriya, you are burning so much Karma from many
lives and so you will reach a very high level. For the rest it is only through my grace.
Enjoy to be here, surrender the maximum you can. The rest it will be given to you.
What is surrender? Surrender is to forget yourself, to hand over yourself and everything. The ego is the arrogance. The ego is attached to you, you cannot control it. You can try to control to your maximum but it stick on you. The mind is the personality of the ego. You can control the mind. It is not easy but it is not impossible.
When you surrender you have to make the first step towards the Divine. You are aware that God is in everything. It is only Him. “Nama gete uta uti”. There is nothing which is not God. Nothing else. Who is Tuka (Bhakti Saint who sang this song)? There is no Tuka. There is no Vishwananda, there is only Him. Nothing else. It is Him who acts in everything.
But just to know it like that does not mean everything. Tomorrow you forget about it through your actions in the world. Once you have surrender, there is not a single moment where the Divine is not present. That is why, you can see in the life of saints that God is always present every single moment.
This is surrender: only Him, nothing else. How do you do that? By continuously thinking of Him. Even if you have to challenge your own self. If you have to challenge your mind, challenge it.
That is why Krishna said: in millions only a few come to me. People are so preoccupied by pain, fame, name forgetting that this is just for some time only. This will only make you jump from one place to the other. More of the satsang on:

21 Jan 2012

Temple Prayer live

For Information:
Live stream tomorrow morning, Sunday, 9 am- 12:00 am, Temple prayer.
(Kalash Puja, Abishekam, Aarti)

How to heal Negativity

. Swami Vishwananda once said:
"...turning the mind within. What is happening outside is also happening inside. Does all the outside make us happy? No! We can see too much suffering in the outside. We want to change. So, how do we change all this? We must change! The more we focus on negative things – news, chit-chatting – the more we become negative. The more negative energy we create, the more negative things happen. Better is to be calm, be at peace and go inside. Go in calmness into the depths of your heart. Then you will become a temple of inner peace."

18 Jan 2012

NEW Satsang of Swami Vishwananda in Mauritius

Swami Vishwananda will give a Satsang in the Sri Ranganath Mandir in Rose-Hill at 7:00 PM.

Interview of Swami Vishwananda with a mauritian Journalist

-          Swami Vishwananda what is your mission here on earth?
My mission is to spread the love of God, to make people aware that they have a soul which is part of God. We have a body that we feed but we have also a soul that has to be fed.
-          What is the purpose of a human incarnation?
Often when I ask the people: “ Who are you?” They talk about their activity with their body, like animals. But there is a difference between human and animals: the human can be aware of the purpose of life and attain the Divine.
-          What is the difference between Religion and spirituality?
Religion is the base of spirituality. People go to churches, mosques, temples based on tradition that they learnt from small. What is the deeper meaning? There is emptiness inside. The soul is longing.  There is something greater than this outside word. Religion is the basis, it helps you to focus on God outside and Spirituality is focusing on God inside. For the whole interview please click here: http://www.vishwanandateachings.blogspot.com/

16 Jan 2012

Swami Vishwananda performed the Engagment ceremony of his cousin

Yesterday we were all busy preparing the decorations and installation for the engagement of the cousin of Swami: Manjou with Kevin. For this occasion Swami Vishwananda did a special yagna in the Sri Ranganath Temple in Rose-Hill, Mauritius. For more pictures please click: http://vishwananda4mauritius.wordpress.com/

15 Jan 2012

A little report after the first Sunday Prayer Live Stream

Today we had our very first live stream of a Sunday Prayer ceremony at Shree Peetha Nilaya.
Almost 50 people from around the world joined us at times. We were about 40 in the temple itself (not everyone could be seen, quite a few "shy" residents preferred to stay behind the camera ;)), including quite a few special guests who came as part of a bhajan training weekend course led by Meeradasi & Ratnamanjari.
As lead singing during prayer was part of the training programme, we had the pleasure of hearing many "first time" singers, or we should rather say that it was the first time we heard them sing during a prayer or Darshan. What we heard was special. It's nice to see and HEAR that there is a seemingly unending reservoir of talent and devotion streaming into the Bhakti Marga river of bhajans and kirtans, making it grow bigger and bigger, and stronger! It was also nice to get a big round of clapping hands and to hear what difference it can make. Hopefully this will inspire many others (guests and Ashram residents alike) to throw in that extra participation, that can lift the prayers to new heights :). We didn't hear any news from Mauritius, and whether Swami Vishwananda succeeded in joining into the live stream, but we know very well, that he watched us irrespectively.
At the end of the prayer Krishna seemed pleased as he gave his Darshan to all. If you kept your live stream on long enough you got a close up live view, but if you left the virtual temple earlier, we have a nice still for you to get his Darshan with a bit of a delay. Here it is (He looks particularly stunning, no?):

We end this little report with one of several email responses we received. It is from Portugal
"Dear Bhakti Marga team :) Jai Gurudev!!!
Just to thank you. It was wonderful to have the oportunity to watch the prayer on-line. We were very happy doing it. The image and sound were very good. :) We also appreciated the final part were u did kind of zoom to Krishna ji so we could receive His darshan.... :)
ps. here u have a picture of us around the computerji" [see at the top]

So, see you next Sunday!? :)
Much Love from all of us at Shree Peetha Nilaya

Swami Vishwananda's program in Mauritius

Events in Mauritius with Swami Vishwananda:
Monday the 16th of January 2012 at 7:00 PM, DARSHAN at the Sri Ranganath Mandir in Nalletamby Street, Stanley, Rose Hill. Free entry, You are all invited.
Saturday the 21th of January 2012 at 5:00 PM, Swami Vishwananda will perform a KALI PUJA in Commerson Street in Beau Bassin.
Sunday the 22th of January 2012 at 7:00 PM, DARSHAN at the Shirdi Baba Mandir in Branch Road in Fonds-du-Sac. Free entry, You are all invited.

13 Jan 2012

Darshan of Swami Vishwananda in Mauritius

In Mauritius Swami Vishwananda gave darshan in the Sri Ranganath Temple of Rose-Hill. To see the pictures please click http://www.vishwananda4mauritius.wordpress.com.

The "How" is important says Swami Vishwananda


"The sweetness that you have inside of you

is waiting to be awakened.
It doesn’t matter which path you follow,
which sadhana you are doing.
How you are doing your sadhana
is most important."

11 Jan 2012

The Joy of Community Prayer

Exactly one year ago, on 11 January 2011, Swami Vishwananda hosted a little study circle in Mauritius (where he is again now) in which the importance of community prayer was looked at more closely, based on the teachings of a Russian Orthodox Saint.
To remind ourselves of the most important points we put together a summary that lists five key guidelines that pertain to spiritual community life when it comes to prayer. So in this sense it is first of all relevant for ashrams and similar kind of communities. However, even if you are a devotee or disciple who lives by yourself or with your family, you may find inspiring parts in the attached documents, as they contain important advice in how to approach prayer in general. .
Here are the five key guidelines as bulletpoints
(printed in a credit card size format one can have them always in a wallet to remind oneself).
Click here to access the "five community guidelines" in more detail.
We wish you that your prayer will grow stronger and stronger, day by day, and bring you lots of blessings and joy, joy, joy!!!

South France Pilgrimage

If you are interested to be part of this pilgrimage with Swami Vishwananda you have to decide it quickly. The Number of participants is limited (35) and nearly all places are requested.
It you you would like to participate, please fill out the request form (clickhere) and send it to:

8 Jan 2012

The Great Night of Sankirtan with Swami Vishwananda

Last night after a long Darshan, people were slowly retiring to their rooms for a long-awaited rest. But Guruji had something else in mind. At about 3am accompanied with a little group of devotees Sri Swami Vishwananda started to sing, and going through the corridors of Shree Peetha Nilaya woke everyone up, both guests and residents, making everybody mad with the Love of God and the power of chanting God’s names.
We sang many bhajans and the sankirtan was ecstatic, so much so, that Guruji went into a deep state of consciousness after which he asked everybody to create a big circle. He asked for a bowl of water and some earth to be brought and to be placed in the middle of the circle.
He asked everybody to sing Ram’s name infusing the power of His name into the water which was mixed with earth. He said it will change the karma of the earth. We sang “Rama Krishna Hari” on and on. After a while Guruji said that Hanuman had blessed the water and that we should distribute water to everybody and pour it in all rivers and lakes of the world. The water contains great healing power to help Mother Earth dissolving karma.
“I would like you all to take this water and put in in all the rivers, put even one drop of it. … It can be mixed up as much as we want with any other water, and it will help create positivity in this world. So spread it as much as possible.”

Swami Vishwananda explained that it can help in many ways, including the curing of illnesses. One could see so much joy in everybody’s faces. It was already 6am when the group started to disperse. But many lingered on the site of the Great Night of Sankirtan with Guruji.

7 Jan 2012

Darshan Live

From about 8 pm onwards:

Satsang with Swami Vishwananda

Who doesn't know all these questions "What is the meaning of life?", "How do I become self-realized?" and "What is personality?"...

The answers where unique and brilliant! Swami Vishwananda spoke clearly and briefly - sometimes he took his time to explain one matter - in all cases the power and clearness was awesome. Sometimes he gave us a little idea of his divine being which is hidden behind this wonderful, nice Swami from Mauritius.

There were many very interesting questions like "What happens to the soul in case of suicide?" Swami Vishwananda explained in detail that in this case the mind creates something like a dark cloud around the soul; the soul gets more trapped in illusion. It is a heavy energy wich is created and for the little soul-flame it's difficult to reach the light through this dark cloud. The soul has to do more things to go over this barrier.
The access to the Satsang was 20,- €, but the experience was beyond price. Rarely have we experienced Swami Vishwananda like that and were under the impression that in this year 2012 he loosened the hand break a bit...

6 Jan 2012

Feast of the Adoration of the Magi or The Three Kings Day

The Adoration of the Magi is the name traditionally given to the Christian subject in the Nativity of Jesus in which the three Magi, represented as kings, (especially in the West) found Jesus and worshipped him. In the church calendar, this event is commemorated in Western Christianity as the Feast of the Epiphany (January 6). The Orthodox Church commemorates the Adoration of the Magi on the Feast of the Nativity (December 25). Christian iconography has considerably expanded the bare account of the Biblical Magi given in the second chapter of the Gospel of Matthew and used it to press the point that Jesus was recognized, from his earliest infancy, as king of the earth. (Wikipedia)

About Swami Vishwananda

As some of you know and may also have experienced already, it happens that Swami Vishwananda helps you actively in your life.
This can happen in different ways, but he does it in a very fine and elegant way. Somtimes you understand only after years, that he was the one who did it. He has his own ways to guide us and he works mostly undercover!
We asked him very often und tried to find out more "How do you know?" and "Why you did this or that?" But his answer is always "This is my buisiness. I do my job and you do your job!"

4 Jan 2012

Evening prayer with Swami Vishwananda

Last Night after the Interviews, Swami Vishwananda sung some nice Bhajans during the evening prayer.
To listen to his voice, to let his voice deep inside of you has a special effect on your different systems.
The whole time his 4 month old niece was sitting on his lap feeling absolutly safe and relaxed.

3 Jan 2012

2012 New Year Celebration

Some pictures from the Yagna wich Swami Vishwananda celebrated on the first day of the New Year:
...afterwards an Abishekam with all "Ishtadev" - Murtis,
...and Aarti: