8 Jan 2012

The Great Night of Sankirtan with Swami Vishwananda

Last night after a long Darshan, people were slowly retiring to their rooms for a long-awaited rest. But Guruji had something else in mind. At about 3am accompanied with a little group of devotees Sri Swami Vishwananda started to sing, and going through the corridors of Shree Peetha Nilaya woke everyone up, both guests and residents, making everybody mad with the Love of God and the power of chanting God’s names.
We sang many bhajans and the sankirtan was ecstatic, so much so, that Guruji went into a deep state of consciousness after which he asked everybody to create a big circle. He asked for a bowl of water and some earth to be brought and to be placed in the middle of the circle.
He asked everybody to sing Ram’s name infusing the power of His name into the water which was mixed with earth. He said it will change the karma of the earth. We sang “Rama Krishna Hari” on and on. After a while Guruji said that Hanuman had blessed the water and that we should distribute water to everybody and pour it in all rivers and lakes of the world. The water contains great healing power to help Mother Earth dissolving karma.
“I would like you all to take this water and put in in all the rivers, put even one drop of it. … It can be mixed up as much as we want with any other water, and it will help create positivity in this world. So spread it as much as possible.”

Swami Vishwananda explained that it can help in many ways, including the curing of illnesses. One could see so much joy in everybody’s faces. It was already 6am when the group started to disperse. But many lingered on the site of the Great Night of Sankirtan with Guruji.