15 Jan 2012

A little report after the first Sunday Prayer Live Stream

Today we had our very first live stream of a Sunday Prayer ceremony at Shree Peetha Nilaya.
Almost 50 people from around the world joined us at times. We were about 40 in the temple itself (not everyone could be seen, quite a few "shy" residents preferred to stay behind the camera ;)), including quite a few special guests who came as part of a bhajan training weekend course led by Meeradasi & Ratnamanjari.
As lead singing during prayer was part of the training programme, we had the pleasure of hearing many "first time" singers, or we should rather say that it was the first time we heard them sing during a prayer or Darshan. What we heard was special. It's nice to see and HEAR that there is a seemingly unending reservoir of talent and devotion streaming into the Bhakti Marga river of bhajans and kirtans, making it grow bigger and bigger, and stronger! It was also nice to get a big round of clapping hands and to hear what difference it can make. Hopefully this will inspire many others (guests and Ashram residents alike) to throw in that extra participation, that can lift the prayers to new heights :). We didn't hear any news from Mauritius, and whether Swami Vishwananda succeeded in joining into the live stream, but we know very well, that he watched us irrespectively.
At the end of the prayer Krishna seemed pleased as he gave his Darshan to all. If you kept your live stream on long enough you got a close up live view, but if you left the virtual temple earlier, we have a nice still for you to get his Darshan with a bit of a delay. Here it is (He looks particularly stunning, no?):

We end this little report with one of several email responses we received. It is from Portugal
"Dear Bhakti Marga team :) Jai Gurudev!!!
Just to thank you. It was wonderful to have the oportunity to watch the prayer on-line. We were very happy doing it. The image and sound were very good. :) We also appreciated the final part were u did kind of zoom to Krishna ji so we could receive His darshan.... :)
ps. here u have a picture of us around the computerji" [see at the top]

So, see you next Sunday!? :)
Much Love from all of us at Shree Peetha Nilaya