22 Apr 2010


Every morning, 7am we sit together in the Tempel doing the Morningprayer.
Sometimes it is a bit difficult to sing and clab with the hands in the early morning- but after the prayer you feel really awake and energised.
Today, when the curtain opened, I found that Krishna looked in a special way extra nice!

21 Apr 2010

Cooking with Swamiji

Last Friday swami Vishwananda was cooking a very tasty meal for us all!

The kitchenteam, which did a wonderful job at easter, was very happy to have him arround!
The best are the handmade potato chips!

11 Apr 2010


Swami Vishwananda spoke about eternal Love.

....The infusion of the Divine Love is present everywhere. There is not a moment where this Love is not present. That’s what gives us the power to act, that what gives us the power to do everything. But the question lies why we don`t feel all the time this Divine Love? Why only sometimes we feel about it and then sometimes it is just dormant. The thing is the Divine Love always flows through us, but we are not always with the Divine Love...
(extract of his speach)