29 Sep 2010

Short News from Kenya

Pramod sent a (very) short mail and some pictures from Kenya:
finally internet...:
arrival in Kenya
adoption of two elephant babies and Seva
darshan ca 400 pers
gayatri yagna
hope this news helps
sorry for the short version, I'm extremely tired!....
Today Swamiji will come back from Kenya!

28 Sep 2010


Swamiji took me to visit Christian Churches; this was new to me because I come from the Hindu tradition. He told me that God is equally in Churches as in Temples and that Mother Mary is the same as Durga-Ma. Rather than reading a book I experienced churches with Swami. He told me: “Love, just love.” But how do I love? "First start loving yourself." How do I love myself? "It is not necessary to pamper yourself; just be content with who you are, and where you are. Once you are able to do that, then you can love every one."
Nirmal – UK
(The picture was taken in 2003 in the monastery of St. Nektarius on the Greek island Aegina)

26 Sep 2010

Centro D'Ompio, Questions regarding materialisations

Question: Why do you materialise things for some and not for others?
Swami Vishwananda: "Some need it. There is always a personal reason or occurence. When the time comes, they will get it. Then the materialised object does its work and places its effect on the person. When the object's work is done, it will disappear."

Question: What are the effects of rings and earrings?
Swami Vishwananda: "Rings act protectively and preservingly whilst earrings help one to listen to one's inner voice with greater clarity. In general a materialised object acts as a protective shield and a reminder to the user."

A nice Bhajan that Swami Vishwananda likes very much

Centro D'Ompio, Satsang Question 1

Question: Why is it necessary to ask questions all the time? Swami Vishwananda: "We could sit in silence, that would be the best. But the mind is always hungry for more. If the mind was still, there would be no more questions. But the mind isn't quiet - and so it asks. Then the mind gets an answer and becomes satisfied and happy. Because you always want to be happy, the mind asks again so once more it can be satisfied and yet the soul remains hungry. You must feed the soul. When the soul is satisfied then there are no more questions in the mind."

24 Sep 2010

Centro D'Ompio, Satsang Question 4

Question: "Why did you incarnate as you have?"
Swami Vishwananda:
"First: to help you all, to help people
Second: The time in which we live, it requires it."
Question: "So: Who are you?"
Swami Vishwananda:
"Well, i will not be seen so easily! But after i leave this body, you will know it. There are only a few people that are blessed to see my true form and i have forbidden them to talk about it"

Hanuman, an example of devotion

Hanuman is known for his great devotion to Lord Rama (an incarnation of Lord Vishnu) and is a symbol of strength and energy. Through his will alone Hanuman is able to offset mountains, such is his power.
Once, his devotion to Lord Rama was put in question, he tore his chest open with both hands to show that Rama and his consort Sita dwell in his heart; each cell within Hanuman resonates the name of Lord Rama.
It is said that if you place one of Hanuman's hairs by your ear, you will hear the constant resonating of the name Rama, Rama, Rama...forever
Here is a short meditation Swami Vishwananda gave to us:
  • Focus your attention on your heart. Concentrate entirely on it.
  • Slowly inhale and exhale .
  • Concentrate on your heart Chakra - the Anahata Chakra.
  • Go deeper and deeper into it
  • When thoughts come, dont identify yourself with them
  • Allow those thoughts to pass by like the wind passes by you - let it pass on
  • Maintain your conentration on the heart chakra.
  • Feel the love, joy and happiness that emenates from it, feel the heat from deep within you.
  • Allow that to radiate throughout your body.
  • The whole body is an expresssion of this powerful divine light and love.
  • You simply are - and just enjoy this love.
  • You are completely penetrated by it.
  • You feel happy, a happiness like never before.
  • Anything that enters your mind at this point has no meaning.
  • Allow yourself to fall deeper and deeper into the now.
  • Stay for at least 5 minutes in this state of meditation.
  • Om Shanti , Shanti , Shantihi - Shri Gurubhyo Namaha Om

Devotion to the Guru

One of the questions asked last week at the Satsang was:
"What does it mean exactly to be loyal to the Guru?"
Swami answered very clearly:
"This means, for example: your Guru says something. Even if you do not agree with it or share a different opinion on the matter, it does not matter for you must trust in faith. You change your own life but you are no longer the most important thing in your life; instead the Guru must always stand first. The more you begin to realize that the more spiritual gain and grace you will obtain from your Guru! "

23 Sep 2010

Loyalty to the Guru

One of the questions last weekend in Italy was:

"What does it mean exactly: to be loyal to a Guru?"
Swamiji's answer was very direct and clear:
"That means: even if you disagree, you don't harm. You remove yourself from the front and put your Guru on the first place. As more you do this, as more grace you will come through your Guru!"

20 Sep 2010

Centro D'Ompio, Darshan

Two peacocks were waiting outside during Swami's Darshan for a long time...
Ambika was in bliss near her Guru
Here was a "Tilak-Service" for the devotees
But Naamdev already has Tilak on since breakfast! - "good boy!"
The shop was very active!
Then Swamiji drove to a small village near Turin, and gave another Darshan there and yet He was able to get back to the centre in time for dinner with us!
After Swamiji had left, one of the two peacocks sat and waited patiently in front of His bedroom door!

Centro D'Ompio, Satsang

It was a very good Satsang! There were great questions but even greater answers!
for example: Why is it necessary to ask questions in the first place? or: Why do You materialise things for some and not for others? or What is the meaning of rings or ear-rings you manifest? or Why did you incarnate? ...and many more questions and Swami answered them all!

Centro D'Ompio, Yagna

A few more pictures from our Yagna:

Do you see the face? It is Shirdi Sai!

And Hanuman came also!

18 Sep 2010

Centro D'Ompio: Shirdi Sai Yagna

Sacchidanandaya Vidmahi
Shirdi Vasaya Dimahi
Tanno Sai Prachodayat
Everything is wonderfully prepared and it isn't raining! (yet)...
But of course, at the end of the ceremony, the heavens opened and showered their blessing on all...
'Fresh' Vibhuti materialised by Swamiji

Centro D'Ompio, Mudra Course

Yup, the mic is working just fine..
"....The Ring-finger symbolises the Earth element..."
And yet again, the students encounter the most difficulties with the Dhenu Mudra!
"... It's easy, isn't it?"

Centro D'Ompio, Arrival

After only seven hours drive (!), we have arrived safe and sound! The weather here is a pleasent 21 degrees despite the rain, a whole 9 degrees warmer than in Springen! Its all very relaxing!
Everything was well prepared for the Mudra course...
Swamiji's robes were freshly ironed-
...and so then He can begin: