18 Jan 2012

Interview of Swami Vishwananda with a mauritian Journalist

-          Swami Vishwananda what is your mission here on earth?
My mission is to spread the love of God, to make people aware that they have a soul which is part of God. We have a body that we feed but we have also a soul that has to be fed.
-          What is the purpose of a human incarnation?
Often when I ask the people: “ Who are you?” They talk about their activity with their body, like animals. But there is a difference between human and animals: the human can be aware of the purpose of life and attain the Divine.
-          What is the difference between Religion and spirituality?
Religion is the base of spirituality. People go to churches, mosques, temples based on tradition that they learnt from small. What is the deeper meaning? There is emptiness inside. The soul is longing.  There is something greater than this outside word. Religion is the basis, it helps you to focus on God outside and Spirituality is focusing on God inside. For the whole interview please click here: http://www.vishwanandateachings.blogspot.com/