28 Jan 2015

The Rakshasas within us

Here is a story of Pramod, who brought Sri Swami Vishwananda to the airport for His trip to Japan on the morning of the 13th of January:

This morning I brought Swamiji, Mira, Tandav and Nikhil to the airport. We were there early and drank something together while we watched Youtube videos about angels, etc.

As the time to pass the gate was coming nearer, a thought came up in my mind that our beloved Guruji will again be absent for a while, and I remembered the feeling of missing Him, which we all have sometimes, more or less… I would say, it is more a longing for Him and for that, what He embodies. 

Then Swamiji spoke about Giridhariji again and that He will buy new earrings for Him etc.

We also spoke about the tweets and that devotees were asking, why He always writes about Giridhari. The answer wasn’t really clear, as far as I remember He said that Giridhari is so cute and He loves Him so much.

And then He described with great enthusiasm a one and a half meters big statue of Giridhari, who carries a really big mountain on His little finger etc. He was really in His mood when He was telling us about all this.

As the time was passing by the mood of missing Him grew stronger and stronger. I said out aloud a thought which came to me some days ago, “I wish I could be Giridhari, then I would also get so much attention from You.”

Thereupon He answered that these are the rakshasas, the demons, who always want attention. We laughed, joked a bit and changed the topic soon.

Nevertheless I see the deeper message in His words. God endows us in every moment and fills us with His Love, with His essence – even by the breath itself, through His names and through our Guru and His teachings. We have constantly Him and His full attention within us. The part which cries for more attention, is the ego, the demon, which thinks only of itself, wants to have, it does not see the bigger picture!

Everything comes from God. No leaf is moving without His will. When I go back to the above mentioned truth from God’s and Guru’s omnipresence, I can enjoy Swamiji’s physical and spiritual presence in my heart as well as His constant pouring of Love over us.

…So good to remember it again and again: God is with us.

- Pramod