27 Jan 2015

The Passing of Jagadishen

As you might already know, our dear brother Jagadishen, country Coordinator for Bhakti Marga in Czech Republic and Atma Kriya Yoga teacher trainer, passed away on Sunday.

His sudden leaving of this world leaves a big gap in many ways and in many hearts. Jagadishen carried and assumed many big responsibilities: for the benefit of the world & society as manager of a large company, as well as spiritually in coordinating Guruji's & Bhakti Marga's team in Czech Republic, and of course for his family as a husband and a father of three children.

Here in Shree Peetha Nilaya we remember him as a joyful, devoted and humble man, always with a smile on his face, bringing joy to those around him. May he bring this joy to wherever he is now or will be in future, knowing that Guruji is guiding him.

We thank Jagadishen, for all that he has accomplished for Guruji and Bhakti Marga in Czech Republic, that he made it possible for so many people to experience Divine Love through Guruji, for all the building up and pioneer work and the constant service to God and the people.

Here in this world he will be sorely missed. Our Love & prayers are and will be with his family.

Tonight at Shree Peetha Nilaya, we will hold prayers for Jagadishen, and tomorrow Guruji in the afternoon will do a Gayatri yagna for him.

Here are a few messages that Guruji wrote about Jagadishen's passing, which include some absolutely wondeful news for his spiritual attainment, as well as some great advice for us still in the Earthly plane: