18 Jan 2015

Darshan and Concert in Tokyo

Sri Swami Vishwananda gave Darshan in Tokyo on Friday.

Alongside the Bhakti Marga Bhajan band playing a concert, Guruji gave his first darshan ever in Japan.

Swamini VishwaDayamati giving an opening introduction
Musicians waiting for the concert to start backstage

Here is an excerpt of the speech he gave:

"This Love is who we are. It's only Him. We have to realise this Love.

Everybody has love. You feel it when you freshly fall in love, no? Then what happens? The beginning is very nice and after that? The love transforms, no? Sometimes, it should go bigger, stronger, but sadly, very often, it goes down. That's why you say you 'fall in love'! Whereas, in spirituality we say we 'rise in love', because it's not a love which is based on the outside. It's not a love which is based on security or, “I love you, or like you because of something.” No, find this love inside of you! This is the essence of who you are. This is your nature. The nature of human beings is to love.

Same, the nature of fire is heat. The nature of water is cool. The nature of human being is to love. To become love! One will say it's very difficult, but in reality, no, it's not difficult. If you sincerely want something, how can there be difficulty into it? If you sincerely want something, what do you do? You do anything to get it, isn't it? Am I right? You will do anything. Same thing, for this eternal Love which you carry always, you know, you should try your best to awaken it. You should try your best to become it! Then you can say truly "you love". Otherwise, you are just in a human beings who pass through life after life, from one body to the other. What do you achieve? Nothing! You go in the same cycle, birth and death, birth and death, birth and death.

By realising this love inside of you, it will awake devotion in your heart. Devotion to the Lord, you know. And when you have that love and devotion, He will run to you. Same, earlier I was talking about Mirabai, no? She had great devotion to the Lord. Whenever she would sing the Lord would be present. And, of course, if the saints can do that, they are examples. You just need to sincerely want it. Due to that sincerity, it will manifest. It will start burning you, inside of your heart. And this love, when it starts burning inside, even if you want to think, it's very difficult. Even if it sounds difficult, sounds very far away of attaining, one should try it. That's why I said, the essence of who you are is this love and that through this love He has made you a human being.

First you have to realise the humanness of yourself. Otherwise, jealousy, pride, ego, hate, this takes over. So, when this takes over, can you call somebody a human being? These are animal qualities, lower qualities. So, one can't call oneself a human being if you have these - anger, jealousy, hatred. To be called a human being you have to have this love. That's why the Divine continuously reminds oneself, you know, that it is important to love.

You see, it is important to forget about the worry, not to meditate on that. So, meditate on what is the most important. Because, when you sit down for your sadhana, your spiritual practice, you have to perceive the Lord inside of your heart. Then only you can attain Him, you can attain His grace, because with grace, everything is possible. Even things which are impossible in this world, through the Divine grace It makes it simple. So, the basic thing is to realise this love inside of you. Then you will see, you will feel that He is ever with you. You are never alone!

So, Jai Gurudev!"