14 Jan 2015

South India Pilgrimage: Day 8. Kochi to Malappuram

Today was a day of rest. We didn't go to any temple though we had a planned to visit one very old temple on our way from Kochi to Malappuram. Guruji went into the temple before us to see if we could all enter, but the temple was very strict and it wasn't possible.

Meanwhile, we were waiting for Guruji in one restaurant near the road. It had a very nice playground and looked like a kindergarden. We enjoyed it very much, playing around and singing bhajans. When Guruji finally arrived we had lunch and after that continued with the journey.

In the bus Guruji had shown us how much he can carry us, just as a mother does. He was going from one person to another and wanted to know how we were and asking if it's been difficult to be moving from one place to the other all the time. Personally, I had thought to myself, "No dear Guruji, nothing is hard when you are present and we're filled with your love."

We finished this day all together with late dinner and a birthday cake which was a present for my birthday.

-Kanupriya from Croatia