19 Sep 2015

Following the Master: Kumbh Mela 2015 – Day 10 (The Second Bath)

"Water acts as the element to purify the outside. So when the outside is purified, the mind is purified. The spirit is purified so that the inner fire, which is Shakti Herself, can reveal Itself." 
- Sri Swami Vishwananda

The Journey:

An amazing journey guided by the Master, Sri Swami Vishwananda, came to a culmination with the second and final bath ceremony.


One person writes:

"The activities started early. The group left the hotel at 2:30 a.m. During the snaan (bathing) days, many streets are closed, forcing us to leave early. The group arrived at the initial site at about 4 a.m. There, some meditated and others took rest. A puja was offered to Krishna.

"We started the procession before 6 am. It was raining a lot and was still dark. Guruji looked beautiful in his chariot, which was actually a Jeep nicely decorated with garlands and an umbrella. Unlike the previous snaan, there was fewer people in the streets. The pilgrims were very excited, dancing, clapping and singing bhajans. We could follow Guruji very closely."

"The procession looked like a marathon in some points, since the jeep was going fast and the pilgrims needed to literally run to follow it. The locals were offering flowers and greeting Guruji and our group. Some would even approach the Jeep to touch Guruji's feet. Guruji was often greeting and blessing them, and many locals were mesmerized by his Divine presence."

"After a fun journey to the bathing site, our group took the three dips. On the way back, the group was still dancing and singing."

"Back at the initial meeting point, we waited for Guruji while singing bhajans. He joined us and gave us prasad. After awhile the pilgrims walked back to the buses."

"On his way back, Guruji stopped at Balaram Das (from Vrindavan) camp. He had gone to Guruji's initiation the day before. He was sweet and super excited for Guruji. His main principles are: Hari Naam (singing the name of the Divine) and Prasad (eating the food offered to the Divine)."

"We went back to the hotel at 10:30 and had a free day to rest. Some went again to Nashik to visit temples and to buy gifts, etc. Also, at the camp before dinner, an OM Chanting session took place."

To learn more about OM Chanting, please visit: www.omchanting.org.

"The next day will also start early, we will leave at 5:30 a.m. for the Trimbakeshwar Temple. Westerns usually can't go to this temple, but thanks to the mayor we received special permission."

Trimbakeshwar is considered one of the holiest places in India because it is the source of the Godavari River, the birthplace of Lord Ganesha, and more.

We will post more stories and adventures later, as the pilgrims wind up their Kumbh Mela experiences and begin their journeys back home.

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