29 Jul 2015

Rheinfelden Darshan: A Note from Guruji

One day after the Darshan in Mannheim, Germany, Sri Swami Vishwananda came to Rheinfelden (Switzerland) for another Darshan.

Branthi, from Switzerland, wrote about the experience of the event:

Approximately 450 people from different countries (from Switzerland of course and the neighbouring countries Germany, Austria, France and Italy, but also from Poland, Russia or England) came to receive Darshan from Sri Swami Vishwananda. At least one third of the visitors came to meet Swami for the first time.

Since Swamiji was stuck in a traffic jam for some hours during his journey from Mannheim to Rheinfelden, the Darshan got delayed. But the time was filled with some enthusiastic bhajan singing. When Swamiji arrived, he made the audience laugh by saying that he kept us waiting which is not a very Swiss way to do … but he isn’t Swiss after all…

In his Satsang, Sri Swami Vishwananda asked what the difference is between humans and animals. He explained that both – humans and animals – are made of the five elements. But animals, although they go through a certain evolution, are bound by the five senses. Whereas we humans are the highest form of evolution. Therefore it is our aim to reach God. We are not here to degrade ourselves down, but to move forward. If we look at our body, our feet are not made to walk backward but forward. But people go mostly backward by thinking of the past, dwelling in the past. Yet this will never lead anyone anywhere. That’s why God has made our body in a way that we can move forward. But for that we have to control our mind.

What makes us humans superior to any other creation is that we can reach God—that we can be with Him. Animals only know that there is a creator but they don’t have the will to attain Him. Whereas we humans know, our inner self knows, that we are here to attain God.