3 Jul 2015


Over the last couple weeks, many devotees from all over the world have been sharing short videos they've made on Facebook about how #LoveChangesEverything - the responses have been awesome!

If you haven't made yours yet, please make one today!

We'll be putting many of these videos together into a short video to show on the Saturday evening of the 10 Year Anniversary. Guruji will also see them and in this satsang he might even respond to the videos that everyone has made.

Here's where we need your help:

We only have a few short days until the 10 Year Anniversary event, and we need to finish *editing* these video responses this weekend! That means, we need your videos by THIS SATURDAY, 12 CEST.

Please make a short 2-3 minute selfie video today. This is a great opportunity to stand up and share about how Love has changed you, and how it can change the world. Please make your video, and encourage your friends to make a video also.

To make your video, read the instructions here: www.bhaktimarga.org/10ybm/video

Thanks for sharing your Love in these videos! We'll be putting these videos together this weekend, and the contributions from everyone have been great!