30 Jul 2015

#LoveChangesEverything Video Compilation

You did it! We got dozens of videos from all over the world, talking about how #LoveChangesEverything, and they were awesome!

Some of the videos were funny, some where deep and heartfelt, and it was amazing to see such a wide range of how Love expresses itself.

Of course, how did we come to experience this amazing Love? By the grace of our beloved: Sri Swami Vishwananda.

To celebrate the videos that you all made and shared, and also the inspiration that Swamiji is to each of us, here is the compilation video that was presented during the 10 Year Anniversary festival.

This video was presented as the final event of the closing night. We've added video-in-video to share Swamiji's live reactions during the premiere.

To see the individual videos from the whole campaign, (many of which weren't able to fit in the compilation video above, unfortunately; they were all so awesome!), check out the video campaign page, here:


Thank you, for speaking out for Love and for Swamiji with this campaign.

We can't wait to experience more of this amazing Love through Swamiji's Grace during the next 10 Years.