18 Jul 2009

Happiness and Security 1

Here a letter from a disciple of Swami Vishwananda that contains nice words about true spirituality:

"In this world we are all seeking basically two things: happiness (eternal bliss and joy) and security (our safe haven).

Spiritual people (those people who are consciously trying to find the “escape door” from the shackles of this maya-illusion) and so-called worldly or materially oriented people (the ones who are, for the most part, unconsciously trying to fulfil their soul longing by assuming that this world will satisfy their heart desires) are in the same boots, so to speak, as to the struggles they are having. 

Usually spiritual people (mostly a misnomer in my humble opinion) think of themselves as superior to the material people thinking that they are higher because they are somehow conscious of the path they are walking, but that is mistaken. Many times they do not see the traps of their reasoning. Spiritual development/unfoldment does not depend on how much you are conscious of the spirituality but on the humility and acceptance of whatever God places before the soul. Some people may not know of anything as to the spiritual teachings and practices, but if they accept the God-given duty, whatever it may be, and do it with the right attitude and if they follow the basic rules of moral conduct which are part of all world religions and are innate to all humans no matter how deep those happen to lie dormant, they are naturally developing; their hearts are being purified and making ready to receive more of the divine love. 
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