3 Jul 2009

God as a friend

Some people knows Swami Vishwananda since years, one of his old friend told us one of the many experiences he had with him:

"In 1999 I traveled extensively in Switzerland with the young Swami Vishwananda. He was virtually unknown at that time and not recognized as the guru that he is. Also I had spent time with him as a guest in his house in Mauritius. The young man radiated happiness, love and joy. I must have tested his patience many times by wanting to go to places he was not interested in visiting or asking him to wait while I did something he did not want to do. All the time we were together he never complained or showed that he disliked anything. One time I stopped the car in Bern, Switzerland on the main road close to the train station and said to the young Swami Vishwananda and the young Swiss man sitting in the car, “If you don’t give me clear directions to get to our destination, I will stop the car right here and now!” We soon found our way.

Swami Vishwananda’s friendship and love have had a profound effect on me. I keep those experiences close to my heart and will treasure them forever. His deep devotion, patience and complete understanding of a simple friend like me demonstrate his precious way of showing love to everyone. Wherever he goes, Swami offers people the same love and devotion he gives me as his friend. I am among the many people around the world who feel that whether Swami is near or far, he is always in our hearts and dreams."