13 Aug 2015

Street Kirtan in Wiesbaden

In the weekend after Gurupurnima a group of 39 devotees went for Street Kirtan ("Park Kirtan", to be more precise). At least one third of the group experienced it for the first time.

We went to a beautiful park in Wiesbaden. We all came from different countries: Austria, Croatia. Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Mauritius, India, Brasil, Portugal, Denmark, Latvia, Spain, Morocco, France, Switzerland and USA. We all came united in Guruji's love to spread Hari Naam.

As we had many new people joining us we started it with a little discourse about the importance of Hari Naam Sankirtan. We sang simple, but powerful chants inspiring people who were nearby to join us. At the end we did a short meditation: we were all supposed to look at one another imagining the Guruji in all. That was a very powerful moment where all barriers of human nature dispersed and we all felt Love Divine.

One devotee recalled:

It was a wonderful and powerful get together. We all enjoyed the sankirtan very much and the entire time we were united with Divine Love-simply beautiful! Thank you everyone for participating,

Thank you Guruji - for everything!