6 Aug 2015

Swami Kuru's Visit to Austria

Swami Kuru went to visit Austria in the 24th and 25th of July, and shared about his experience there:

"I was invited and hosted by Jagnandadas (Michael) & Pritivi Devi (Martina), and spent two beautiful days amongst devotees from Austria, Switzerland and Germany and many newcomers.

Twelve people attended a Satsang on Friday, and around 25 people came for Guru Puja and Lakshmi Narayana Yagna the following day.

The Yagna was also dedicated to the harmony between the 3 neighbouring nations (the country "triangle", Austria, Switzerland, Germany). Initially we could sense quite a sadness amongst the participants, by the end of the yagna, there was a tangible lightness, happiness and gratitude in the air.

The Yagna ashes went into a river that connects Austria with Germany. It is always a special honour and wonderful experience to travel in Guruji's Name and spread His Love to all corners of the world."