29 Aug 2015

Important Announcement about Vrindavan, April 2016

A very important message from Swamiji's International Travel Coordination team:

"As Swamiji said during the 10 Year Anniversary, Bhakti Marga devotees are invited to attend the opening of the new ashram in Vrindavan India in April 2016.

We understand that after what Gurudev said, that you are all excited and want to participate :)

However, to participate in this event will be ONLY possible by registering with Bhakti Marga, through Shree Peetha Nilaya!

Please therefore DO NOT organize yourself (or your own groups) in searching for hotels or places to stay in Vrindavan.

There is only ONE WAY to participate in this event (which is sure to be an amazing experience): To participate is ONLY possible with our (and only our) registration from BM SPN which will be available in few days.

Sorry, but all people who are booked in privately will have no chance to participate.

Please let all devotees know that they should wait for our registration form and cancel whatever existing arrangements that have been made so far."