3 Aug 2014

Important Update regarding cancelled Darshans

jai Gurudev dear all

Following the announcement earlier today about the cancellation of the Darshans in August due to the Shreemad Bhagavad Gita Course, we are delighted to tell you, that Sri Swami Vishwananda invites everybody who registered till 1st of August for one or all of the Darshans in August, to participate in the Bhagavad Gita Course from 19:00 onwards (without charge) on the days they registered.

To make it clear: if you are registered for the Darshan on the 8th and the 9th of August for example, you can come on these two evenings and participate, from 19:00 onwards till the end of the evening.

Important Note: If you are not registered, we can't let you in. This is due to capacity reasons. Thank you for your understanding.