15 Aug 2014

Chapter 16: Bhagavad Gita Course with Swami Vishwananda

On August 14th, 2014 Swamiji covered Chapter 16 of the Bhagavad Gita, titled: Daivaasurasampad Vibhaaga Yoga

In Chapter 16, Krishna identifies Divine and demonic characteristics. He tells Arjuna in order to attain liberation one must give up the demonic traits such as lust, anger and greed. One should constantly strive to discern between right and wrong action through self analysis. 

General topics covered in the Chapter:
  • A list of major divine qualities that should be cultivated for salvation
  • A list of demonic qualities that should be given up
  • The destiny of the ignorant
  • Lust, anger, and greed are the three gates to hell
    Excerpt commentary from Swamiji:

    atma-sambhavitah stabdha
    yahante nama yajnais-te
    dambhenavidhi purvakam

    They sacrifice and give not in the true order but from a self-regarding ostentation, from vanity and with a stiff and foolish pride.

    "Here Bhagavan Krishna is saying that they appear very polite, very respectful due to their arrogance, Excuse me, Sir [Swamiji says this in an affected voice making the people laugh]. So, all what they do is just a show, which is devout of faith, full of vanity, just to impress others. So it's just a show, just a makeup. Beautiful outside, hellish in the inside.  So it's said, this is the highway to hell.  So here for the man of tamasic qualities, they are digging the hole to hell in that way. Here it's said that they are faking themselves so much they can't perceive the truth. Foolish pride, you know. Due to their pride they become blind. They don't see the reality. 

    So this is how it is for the world. You know, this is what Bhagavan Krishna is explaining.  Due to this pride, due to this foolishness, one becomes blind.  So this is due to the egoism, due to the pride, arrogance. Due to this vanity that one appears to impress others, they will do anything. And once the desire has been fulfilled they let go and they’re finished."


    "I feel amazing throughout the entire course. Swami is revealing all the glories and pastimes of Krishna. I'm very lucky to get the opportunity to listen to His words." - Marina, Russia

    Sri Swami Vishwananda has decided to give commentary on the Shreemad Bhagavad Gita, the eternal Word of Lord Sri Krishna. It will take place over 18 consecutive days, and each day will cover one chapter. Guruji will give his commentary with a particular Bhakti perspective.

    For now, we will provide a small portion of the commentary on this blog for those who could not attend the course. At a later stage, we will offer the full length of the Gita commentary as a book and also as CD and DVD sets.