11 Mar 2014

New Bhajan Book - "Atma Bhog"

In the last week, our new Bhajan book finally arrived from the printers. It was a long, long process to collect all these bhajans, to find the right words, and the chords, and then to arrange them all together. Many of us were helping - correcting, adding.... and finally, it's here: one of the biggest collections of Bhajans and (we think) the only one in this dimension that also includes the chords to play on guitar or harmonium.

"Atma bhog" translated, means "Food for the Soul", and that is what bhajan singing gives - it is feeding your soul with the divine Love!

On over 280 pages you will find more than 900 bhajans, chants and songs from all major spiritual traditions and paths. With the chords and translations provided, it becomes a treasure that brings great joy in singing, playing along, and diving into the deeper meaning of chanting the Divine Names.

You can order this book in our Bhakti Shop here.