23 Apr 2015

Moving closer to the 10 Year Bhakti Marga Anniversary...

Besides our day-to-day "business" (if there is such a thing...) we are currently particularly busy with preparing the great feast, the

and would like to make it as beautiful as it can possibly be.

Firstly, there will be many wonderful tasty and sweet dishes nourishing the body and secondly, many wonderful performances that will nourish your Soul: 

As music is a very important part of Bhakti Marga, we ordered a really big proper and professional "open air stage" on which an exquisite music program will take place over the course of three days.

Firstly, we will get to enjoy the music group Karthigesan from Southafrica (Friday Evening), who've been here at Bhakti Marga / Shree Peetha Nilaya before already on a number of occasions. Here is a video of their music:

And here is a video of the fabulous Kirtanyas from the USA who will perform on 
Saturday Evening. We are really excited to meet them and to "rock" with them. They are young, fresh and full of devotion: 

...and finally a video with the enchanting Bittu Malick, who met Swamiji personally for the first time during the recent pilgrimage trip to Vrindavan this March (Holi Festival). He is well known not only in India but also in Russia and is very happy to sing at the anniversary for Swamiji and his guests!

We here at the Bhakti Marga in Springen would be very happy, if you can all, really all join us and celebrate and honour with us Swamiji's work of the past 10 years, with gratitude and with joy. As you surely know by now: We are very good at celebrating! So join us for an unforgettable time, which will mark the beginning of a New Era of Consciousness.