17 Apr 2015

Breaking News: Movie featuring Sri Swami Vishwananda wins festival award!

Yesterday evening on 16 April 2015 in Munich, the movie "the Miracle of the energy of life" (transl. from "Wunder der Lebenskraft") featuring also Sri Swami Vishwananda won the people's award* of the COSMIC CINE Film Festival 2015!

Produced and directed by Stephan Petrowitsch from Germany, who visited our ashram several times over the past few years, the film intelligently portrays the force of Life, that which nurtures us all. A series of spiritual healers and teachers are interviewed to shed light on ‘that’ which is the source and fabric of all of creation, sometimes referred to as Kundalini or Divine Mother, the Mother of the Universe, and her life breath, the “energy of Life”…

The movie did extremely well, was sold out in all the cities where it was shown during the festival period. Many of the people who saw it showed strong reactions and had visions afterwards. They thanked the director for having given them a "Divine moment". :)

* Publikumspreis Platz 1 bei den COSMIC ANGEL AWARDS 2015