8 Mar 2015

Vrindavan Pilgrimage: Day 7 (March 7th, 2015)

“The greatest yogis can’t see the Lord directly, even the demigods can’t see Him. Only a part of Him is shown to them but they never see Him directly. Once the inside is fully cleansed then one sees Him clearly.” – Sri Swami Vishwananda


The day started as usual with puja to Giridhari. As mentioned in the previous blog you can find below comments made by Swami about Giridhari.

“The Giridhari we have is from Mirabai. When she was three years old a sadhu came to her father’s house. This sadhu was serving the deity. When Mirabai saw the deity she said 'I want that deity, I want nothing else.' The sadhu said 'I can’t give you this deity, it is my personal deity.'

At night Giridhari appeared in the sadhu’s dream and said 'I have good news and bad news - which one do you want. The good news is that you have done what you have to do here, the bad news is you have to give me to Mirabai.'

It was an order from the Lord so he had to agree. Mira from the age of 3 had this deity with her. Once I had a vision of her ... how she would carry the deity. She used to hang Giridhari with a cord around her neck and wear it on her all the time."

Saint Visit:

In the afternoon we went and visited a saint in Vrindavan named Sri Hit Kinkar Sevak Sharanji Maharaj. His mission is very much about Love. Below you can find some comments made by him:

“Religion and scripture is only just there to ignite the flame of Love in you.”

“To get Krishna Consciousness you need to have Radha Consciousness. In order to get Radha Consciousness you need to have Vrindavan Consciousness.”

The connection between Swami and the saint was very special. Sharanji Maharaj asked Swami for a blessing before leaving and Swami replied, “I’m in your heart and you’re in my heart.”

Personal Interview:
In the evening Swami gave a personal interview with everyone on the pilgrimage. It’s amazing to see Swami constantly giving …

Tomorrow will be a very exciting day; it will be Swami’s first Darshan in Vrindavan!