18 Sep 2014

Final Registration Deadline for Navaratri in SPN - Friday, September 19th

Jai Gurudev,

We'd like to present a couple of important announcements about the upcoming Navaratri festivities at Shree Peetha Nilaya, Germany.

Final Registration Deadline

Due to the large number of guests attending Navaratri, there is a final registration deadline to be able to be in the tent during Navaratri:

!!! The deadline to register on our website is Friday, September 19th !!!

Because there are always more people coming to the events each year this means that we have worked out a rotating system for all the people that are registered for Navaratri.

1. You MUST register by Friday the 19th September LATEST!!!!

Here is the link - http://bookings.bhaktievent.de/

Anyone who has not registered by then will not be able to participate in the celebrations in the tent, and will be put on a waiting list. (They will have the opportunity to watch the events being streamed live in the darshan hall.)

(We had posted the registration deadline being for the 14th, but because of a technical error, the message did not get out in time to all of the different languages and communication channels. This will be the final notice.)

Sari Colors
For the Matajis who will be joining us, here is a list of the sari colors that match each day of the celebrations.
Day 1: Red
Day 2: White
Day 3: Orange
Day 4: Blue
Day 5: Yellow
Day 6: Peacock green/blue
Day 7: Black (dark)
Day 8: Light colour
Day 9: Red

We look forward to seeing you at Shree Peetha Nilaya!

much love,
your Bhakti Marga family