4 Sep 2014

Concerts with "Bhakti Sounds" in South Germany

In September there will be four concerts of BHAKTI SOUNDS in the south of Germany.

Tandav Krishna, SV Kuru, Nikhil, Ratnamanjari and Mira will perform bhajans and kirtans and there is plenty of opportunity to sing, clap and dance.
Why join in? Simply put, the Divine Names open us up to the light and bring us closer to the Divine. 

Tuesday, September 16 at 20:00 hr
in the "Kulturzentrum K9", Hieronimusgasse 3, 78462 Konstanz.
Admission € 12, concessions € 10, € 8 K9 members

Wednesday, September 17 at 20:00 hr
in the center of The White Horse, Breiteweg 9, 78359 Orsingen,
before: 18:00 clock Satsang with SV Kuru and Nikhil,
donations welcome 

Thursday, September 18 at 20:00 hr
in the theater circus Primeo Paso, M├╝hlbruckstra├če 31, 88212 Ravensburg,
donations welcome,
please bring your own cushions

Friday, September 19 at 19 hr
in the Hari Om Temple Munich,
donations welcome

We look forward to seeing you! You're very welcome to bring friends and to spread the word.