25 Apr 2014

Satsang on the 13th of April in Riga / Latvia

Before Guruji came He let us sing for over an hour, longing for Him. With our hearts on a sleeve we felt like one family, even like one body. As we sang, we watched people who came for Satsang. Most of them joined in, some singing along, some closing their eyes in mediation, some clapping hands and smiling. We definitely were sharing Love, which our Guru was pouring through us. 

At one moment when we sang "Krishna Prema Mayi Radha”, evening sun broke through the clouds - all the day the sky was grey and it was raining a bit from time to time - coloring them in deep purple. It was such a sight, and we remembered Guruji’s words that Krishna’s colour is that of the sky before the thunderstorm, or the deep purple in feathers from peacock’s tale. Krishna was coming!
Guruji came soon after that (we had an opportunity to invite Him with a Narayana bhajan for the third time in one day and it felt like a blessing, itself) and gave a beautiful Satsang, answering different questions, singing a bit, laughing a lot. 

He also told a story of Dukhi Krishna and we had a feeling that it wasn’t just a story - we felt that He is Krishna and He is taking us to Vrindavan or dancing His Rasa Lila with us in different spheres which we can’t grasp with our minds, but can feel within our hearts.

Satsang ended after 11:00 PM and more then 200 people came to listen to Guruji.
After Satsang, we, the devotees, waited for Guruji to leave as it usually happens in SPN hall. And when He came it was such a feeling! After this fantastic month, when He gave us the opportunity to think almost only of Him, to do everything only for Him, unifying us, letting us sing almost nothing other than the name of Rama for hours, and leading us to the point where we had to surrender and forget ourselves.

He showered us in His Love. He came to each one of us, taking our hands, talking a bit to everybody, answering to some urgent questions, giving His blessings and most of all smiling and looking deep in our eyes, making our hearts skip a beat and melt. 
And when He was almost at the door and all of us on the floor making pranams, we heard our Guruji’s soft, loving and above all humble voice saying: "Thank you for the Temple!”

It was such a gift, that we found ourselves swimming in a bliss where you want to cry from love and joy and ... oh, well. As Guruji said – Satchidananda is something beyond words.
Next day at midday Guruji was leaving for SPN, so we went to the airport to say our heartfelt goodbyes and He once more showered us with His love. 

Can’t help but think of His words, that you have to make just one step closer to God and He will run towards you. On the outward we were building a temple for Rama, but inside of our hearts we were discovering the temple in which our Guru Bhagavan resides. With every moment we felt closer and closer to Him and more at home. And at the end He mirrored us this closeness which one have with Guru, with God. 
Bhagavan Ramachandra ki ... Jai!
Satgurudeva Premavatara Sri Sri Swami Vishwananda MahaPrabhu ki ... Jai!

Thank you Guruji - we Love You so!