21 Nov 2011

India Pilgrimage with Swami Vishwananda - 4th part

In Shirdi the group also had some time to shop and to have a drink in between. (here enjoying sugar cane juice with Swamiji)
Swami Vishwananda takes care that the non-indians in the group don't get ripped off by some clever shop owners.
The group went to the ashram of Upasani Baba and Godavari Maa, great devotees of Shirdi Sai and saints themselves.
There bhajans were sung and Swami was gifted with a shawl and cloth belonging to both saints....the ashram is for ladies only.
The group also visited Shanipur where they participated in a puja and prayed to lord Shani, the planet saturn, to protect from enemies and ask him not to curse us since he is the God that curses people's lives and makes all bad things happen. The deity is the stone.