17 Aug 2011

Icon Painting Course

Last weekend there was a very successful Icon painting course in the atelier.
It was a group from Czech, and they worked very devotedly and concentrated. So after the 3 days they all where ready with their first own painted Icon!
Look how happy they are:
Here a letter from them:
During every visit of the ashram my heart cheered and the breath almost stop when looking into the atelier.
What a beauty!
To draw an icon of Mary was such an unimaginable wish.
Yet we received this big mercy in the form of an icon panting course.
What can I say about it? Imagine the silence of the room, creating in meditation, the eyes of the saints, bells of laughter and two angel eyes leading us through the course.
I recall it with love and I thank you!
The next Icon Painting Weekend with Jaahnvi is in September 23rd - 25th
Please mail to: jaahnvi@bhaktimarga.org
ore phone: +49 (0)172 744 66 10