12 Aug 2011

The Gift of Nothing

This sweet cartoon book was given to Swamiji for Gurupoornima. He was joyfully reading the story of the desperate dog Mooch who found finally peace again:

It was a special day and Mooch wanted to give his best friend, Earl, a gift.

But what to get him?

He had a bowl.

He had a bed.

He had a chewy toy.

He had it ALL.

Mooch thought and thought.

What do you get someone who has everything?


He would give Earl the gift of nothing.

But in this world filled with so many somethings, where could he find nothing?

Mooch often heard Frank say there was „nothing on TV.“

But as far as Mooch could tell, there was always something on TV.

Mooch often heard Doozy and her friends say there was „nothing to do“

But as far as Mooch could tell, everybdoy was always doing something.

Milli came home from the store and said, „There was nothing to buy!“

So Mooch went shopping.

Mooch looked up and down every aisle.

He found many, many, many somethings.

The latest this, the newest that...

but as far as he could tell, nothing was not for sale.

So Mooch went home and sat on his pillow

and just stayed still (as cats often do).

And not looking for it, he found


So he went and got a box

and put nothing in it.

Then Mooch thought, Hmmm … maybe Earl deserves more than this.

So he got a bigger box.

„Now that´s plenty of nothing!“

„For me?“ said Earl. „Mooch, you didn´t have to give me anything.“

Who told him? Thought Mooch.

Early opened Mooch´s gift.

„There´s nothing here,“ said Earl

„Yesh!“ said Mooch. „Nothing ….

„but me and you.“

So Mooch and Earl just stayed still

and enjoyed NOTHING


(Patrick McDonnell)