20 Nov 2015

Following the Master: Vrindavan 2015 – Day 3 (Radha Krishna)

"Actually, Radha represents all of us, the creation and the manifestation. She symbolizes the Love, the example. She symbolizes the bhav, the complete surrender to the Will of God." - Sri Swami Vishwananda

The Journey:

The day started as usual with abhishekam to Giridhari. After abhishekam, the group visited the temple of Sri Radha Shyamsundara. We were allowed special access to a place in the temple (similar to a very small cave) where Dhuki Krishna used to sit and do his japa.

From the temple, we proceeded to Nidhivan which is the forest where the Ras Leela first took place and is still happening even today. During the night no one is allowed inside, and even the animals leave, as it is said that anyone who stays inside would die.

 While in the forest, we sat for a few minutes to meditate and sing Radharani's name. Guruji gave a short Satsang about the pure Love of the Gopis for Krishna.

In the evening, a friend of Guruji invited the group for dinner at his home. During dinner, the man sang a very sweet song about the love of Sri Krishna and how through the intensity of your love for Him, you will make Krishna dance in your rhythm and not His.


Sri Radha Shyamsundara Temple:

The murti is believed to be manifested from Radharani's heart. She gave it to Shyamsundara, also known as Dhuki Krishna, due to his Love for his Guru.


It is said that at night, each tree becomes one of the gopis. One can notice that each tree is split in half, a gopi and Krishna. Also, the trees in the forest have not grown or died since the first Ras Leela happened.

Another nice legend associated with the forest is a small room for Radha and Krishna to rest after their dance. Every evening the pujaris prepare everything nicely, a bed, prasad, toothbrushes, etc., and then lock the room. In the morning when they open the door, everything is used, even the laddu is bitten into.


"Guruji told us about the mystical and limitless Love that Radha has for Krishna. He also said the main goal is to find Vrindavan and the Ras Leela in our hearts. I felt at this moment a deep love in my heart. I'm so thankful that this story was told to us by our beloved Krishna, personified in our Satguru, Sri Swami Vishwananda." - Shree, France

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