2 Jun 2015

The Miracle of the Purple Flowers

This beautiful story was shared recently by a devotee from Switzerland:

Sri Swami Vishwananda first visited my house in January 1999 (Fl├╝eli Ranft, Switzerland). Since Swamiji was visiting, I wanted to welcome him to my home with some gorgeous blooming flowers.

When Swamiji arrived, as fate would have it, there were some dead clematis sitting on my basement stairs that I hadn't yet placed in the compost. Swamiji saw the flowers, and went over and stroked them.

It was just three days later, and the dead flowers that were once there, had blossomed into three gorgeous purple flowers! Somehow the flowers had blossomed out of season, and they had changed their colour from white to a light purple.

Ever since then, the flowers have blossomed every year over and over again.