8 Dec 2014

The amazing Grace of meeting Sri Swami Vishwananda – Aspects of a living Guru

Each person who meets Sri Swami Vishwananda has a wonderful, amazing, unique story of how he/she perceives the unfolding of the implicit process leading to that meeting. And Sri Swami Vishwananda as a Satguru (True Guru who guides each soul to God-Realisation) has also a unique relationship with each one who comes to Him.

“The Amazing Grace of meeting Sri Swami Vishwananda – Aspects of a living Guru” is the introductory article of a series of posts based on testimonies shared by five different people during last Darshan of Sri Swami Vishwananda, held at Shree Peetha Nilaya, on the 29th of November. Each article reveals a different aspect of Sri Swami Vishwananda as a living Guru.

Sri Swami Vishwananda has continuously emphasised the importance of meeting one's Guru. A few paragraphs of His precious words about this theme, were selected from His commentary on the Guru Gita and are presented below (see information below about the book release):

- “It is not a coincidence that God just decided to bring you on the spiritual path or to place you under the care of a certain Guru. It's a long-term relationship, which comes since the beginning of creation.”

- “Krishna Himself said in the Bhagavad Gita, ‘I am the embodiment of the Guru. It is through My Grace that the Guru appears on Earth. And it is through My Grace that the disciples are guided to where they belong.’ Christ Himself also said, ‘I have come for my sheep. I have come for my flock.’ So, wherever one is, the Guru will search and will attract the disciple.”

- “When one recognises one's Guru, there is a different kind of joy which awakens within oneself and this joy is something eternal. Even if the bhakta doesn't feel the same joy all the time, due to their mind state, or due to where they are in the world, yet this joy that the soul felt when one meets one's Guru, this joy is eternal. It always stays within one's heart and whenever the mind of that bhakta is turned inwards into his heart, diving into there to meet the Guru, that same joy awakens itself again.”

- “Once you find the Guru, the Guru becomes your mother, your father, your relationship, your God.”

- “The Guru is not only here, visible in the outside. He gives you the sadhana for you to do; in your meditation He is seated in front of you; and in your deep sadhana, He is the eternal guide guiding you.”

- “It is through the Grace of the Guru, that one perceives the Light of Love, True Love. Not just plain love, but the deepness of Love.”

- “The Guru becomes the magnet who attracts all and holds all tightly, making one big family. This happens only through the Love of the Guru.”

- “The Guru is full of knowledge and He knows what to give, whom to give it to, how to act.”

- The Guru lowers Himself from whatever level He is to the level of the common people, for them to understand Him.”

- “It is by the Grace of the Guru, that whoever is surrendered receives what is needed, not for their own pleasure but for their salvation.”

- “Wherever you are, the Master is connected with you. He's not bound by time or space, because Masters are above time and space. He is seated deep inside the core of your heart. And if you perceive the Guru seated in the core of your heart, you’ll see that wherever you are, the Guru is with you.

- “The Guru, out of mercy, will always come. The Guru always chooses to be here until the last disciple, the last bhakta has entered Vaikunta. This is the Grace, the mercy of the Guru. Even if it doesn't happen in one life, it will happen in another life. The Guru will always make the way. Even if the Guru doesn't incarnate – because very often people think, ‘Okay, I can't do it in this life, I will do it next life. He will come again.’ If you incarnate 100 times, will the Guru incarnate 100 times for you? No. But from the Supreme, from the other higher dimension the Guru will guide that person in that life.

The titles of the series of articles to be posted regularly in this blog are:

- The Coolest Guru
- The Sneaky Guru
- The Sweetest and Compassionate Guru
- The Caring and Giving Guru
- The Tests of the Guru, a Master of Maya

The Sri Swami Vishwananda Sri Guru Gita – Commentary on the great mysteries of the Guru Disciple Relationship will be  launched during Christmas Celebrations at Shree Peetha Nilaya (Bhakti Marga shop).
In the book Blossoming of the Heart, which is available in the Bhakti Marga shop, relatives, friends, devotees and disciples from different countries and different cultural backgrounds share their very personal experiences with Sri Swami Vishwananda. The original English version (right)  is already translated in German (left), Polish and Portuguese.