18 Jul 2014

Yagna for Friends of Bhakti Marga

A day after Gurupurnima, on Sunday, 13 July, Sri Swami Vishwananda has held a yagna for all present Friends of Bhakti Marga. It was actually His gift to all of them. He has done it for them third year in a row.

As opposed to last year's Friends of Bhakti Marga yagna, this one was attended by many more people - around 330 of them were there. Bhakti Marga family is clearly growing fast. Eight other Swaminis and Swamis of Bhakti Marga have also been present.

It was a wonderful event full of Divine presence. As Swamiji Himself has said during His this year's Gurupurnima speech, "In all the other ages there were great austerities demanded, but in this age all that is demanded is just a pure mind and a pure heart, so that Love can sprout and grow! Nothing else. And this is so simple!"

Sri Swami Vishwananda has surely helped all the people present on the yagna to purify their minds and hearts by attending this powerful Vedic ritual.
As He said: "The Guru is here to remind you to trust. No matter how, you have to swim! The Guru will be underneath, pushing you up so that you don't sink and drown yourself."

And that's what He has done in this yagna - He has pushed us all up so we can swim even better and faster.
Not only that - he has showered all of the participants with so much Grace and His Divine blessings.
Thank you on behalf of all of them, beloved Swamiji!

He also said during Gurupurnima: "Satguru acts and dwells in the deepest core of the heart of each one. So, see that! See the Guru inside of you! And know that wherever you are, I am always with you."
Jai Gurudev.