14 May 2014

Swami Vishwananda's Satsang in London, 12th of May

Last night was the first event with Guruji in London, a Satsang in East London. It was great to see many of our fellow devotees from other countries who have travelled to be at the events with Swamiji this week. Likewise, it was also really nice to see a lot of new faces among the 150 odd people present. 
Before Swamiji's arrival, there were a couple of brief talks from Swamini Karuna and Hazel Courtney, a highly regarded journalist in alternative health and spiritual issues. Hazel, who met Swamiji for the first time last year, spoke about Him as a Spiritual Master who was "born knowing". It was a very interesting talk which gave the crowd a great introductory insight into Swamiji and His mission. 
Finally we all began to sing "Narayana Jai Govinda Hare" and within a few minutes were greeted with Swamiji's arrival. As usual, Swami started with singing some bhajans. And as is Guruji's way, He encouraged everyone in the audience to join in by helping them to recite after Him. Soon the whole crowd was happily singing and clapping away!  
The evening was filled with lots of interesting questions and we were all very grateful to hear Swamiji's answers peppered with humour. One very nice moment was when Swami asked everyone to give their opinion on 'what is the soul'. Swamiji really liked the answer of a newcomer - 'a Iittle bit of God' - Swami laughed and quickly said 'but not a little God, that is very different'.