15 Feb 2014

Satsang 14th February in Shree Peetha Nilaya

The lighthall was packed full - nearly 100 questions were collected before - many where about the same topic but yet, they where all patiently answered according to everybody's own level and understanding!

Sri Swami Vishwananda gave an amazing Satsang, creating a beautiful atmosphere. There was plenty of laughter such was the humorous mood he was in - it was very entertaining and made for a lovely evening!

Here are some of the questions:

How can we not lose the connection to the supreme in our worldly life?
    Remember him and have his image in whatever you do. Whatever God gives you in your life is spiritual work. Its all Him that is doing it. If He does not will it, it will not happen. On the spiritual path one can´t lose connection to God because the essence of life is God Himself. 

    How does the soul create negative karma, as the soul is Divine?

    The soul is not touched by the karma, the karma floats around it, not in it. It creates karma because of the mind. The soul is ever free. It's like in a well, after some time the rope will leave the mark of the pulling. Same with the mind. The mind acts, karma is created, and then this karma stays in the consciousness. The mark of the mind stays as well. You cleanse it by directing the mind towards the Divine, so that all your actions become purified and free from creating any more karma. That’s what your sadhana stands for. Prayers are not just prayers, for when the sadhana is performed with devotion, it erases the negativity from the consciousness itself. When you are near to a higher source it cleanses even more.

    How to pass the tests from the Guru? 

    If you accept you will be able to pass them. There is no need to solve them. You just have to accept what the Guru gives you. How to learn this? Just accept.