3 Jan 2014

New Year's Night at Springen

We wish you a happy new year 2014! 

The new year's night at Shree Peetha Nilaya started with singing Bhajans in the Lighthall. 

Afterwards, at midnight the first thing in this new year was to perform Aarti to all the deities on the altar in the temple.

Then Swamiji made his way outside to see the fireworks - with a lot of "Happy New Year's" to the devotees on the way out.

He lit the first rocket -

and then a wonderful fireworks display started - with lots of light, glitter and noise, the spirits of the old year were driven away! 

We all felt so blessed to be with him in this night! 

At the end until the early morning there was "Disco Night" in the entrance hall.

All these days with Swami Vishwananda filled us all with his presence in such a big way! He presented us again and again with many spontaneous actions - be it singing in the temple, serving us food or dancing with us all till late into the night, especially the newly invented "Sri Yantra Dance"