30 Dec 2013

New 'Remembering Dharmananda' CD Available!

Since the early hours of the 14th of September 2013, when our dear brother Dharmananda (Volker Grewel) left his body to join his sweet Lord in heaven, we have been working hard to create a CD by which we could honour him and his musical legacy. That CD is finally ready and 'Remembering Dharmananda' is now available to purchase at the Bhakti Shop at Shree Peetha Nilaya (and soon also online on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, etc.).

Music was his life-long gift to us and we are now finally able to extend that gift to you. You can feel his love for music, for singing the Names of the Divine and most of all, for his beloved Guru, Sri Swami Vishwananda. One such example can be seen here in this video of one of the many times Dharmananda was singing with Guruji, this particular event taking place during Christmas 2011.

We thank him from the depths of our hearts for everything he has given to us and continues to give, and may his timeless music reach all corners of the globe, igniting the purest Love for the Divine in our hearts.

We leave here a lasting tribute to him in this new video so feel free to share it with anybody you know who was touched by his Love and surrender to his beloved Gurudev. It contains pictures of Dharmananda and Sri Swami Vishwananda, and is accompanied by the a touching speech of his Guru that says it all.

In addition we received transcripts of speeches (in German) that were given by close friends of his during the farewell ceremony in Bonn end of September which we are allowed to share. They are also very touching. They are an account of loving friendship and they give us an insight into his "other" life, that he lived, simultaneously to his spiritual side. A must read for all who were close to him (if you don't understand German, we suggest you copy past the text into Google Translate and read the translation).

1. Michael Horn - "Musik ist Nahrung für die Seele"

2. Christan Wetzel - Ansprache Bonn 26 Sep 2013

3. Sigrid Taraz - "Mangel und Reichtum"