27 Jul 2013

Gurupurnima 2013: Offering our heart to the Guru (part 2)

Excerpt of Gurupurnima Speech, part 2 (complete talk will be made available soon on CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon):

Sri Swami Vishwananda:
“If you have not attained the goal of life, don't think that the Guru is not with you. You know, sometimes we can do many things, “oh my goodness, I am doing everything, but yet, nothing works the way I want.” Know that, nothing works the way “I” want. The “I” is there, very big, the pride is there. That's the ignorance which the Guru removes and installs humility. What brought you on your path is not coincidence. It's long-term planning. Even before you were born, the plan was there. The plan was there, that today you are sitting here. Whether you would have want it or not, you are at the right place [big applause by the guests]. Like that, it's also for all the spiritual masters, spiritual teachers and their disciples, they are where they have to be. Because there is no coincidence of who you meet.

How do you feel when you meet someone? You know it. People every day come and say to me: “Swamiji, I have the feeling I know you. We have met somewhere.” There is this bhajan we always sing: (singing) meaning: “My heart has the feeling that we have met somewhere.” But of course, the mind doesn't remember. The disk is a bit scratched at that point. This is where the heart reveals itself, where the Guru looks wherever the disciple is. The Guru would go there and get the disciple. That's the work of a good shepherd, to prearrange everything. So when one finds one’s way, one should surrender to the feeling of one's heart and offer that heart to the Lotus feet of the Master. Like that, whatever you do, the Grace and blessing of the master will always be with you.”