27 Mar 2012

Bhajan Workshop in Switzerland

After the last Darshan in Switzerland, Swami Vishwananda asked us to learn more Bhajans and to grow together more as a Bhajan Group. When we heard that Meera Dasi was asked by Swamiji to go to different countries and give Bhajan lessons to the exisiting groups there, we organized a 2 day workshop here in Cudrefin.

There were about 15 participants. With a lot of interest, we listened the explanations about the history of bhajan singing and about Raagas. Then we did the NOM-TOM singing which was a wonderful experience - we became very relaxed and forgot about our daily worries.

At the end we also wanted to learn some new Bhajan - "hits" of Swami Vishwananda. On Sunday we were busy learning new songs.

It was a very interesting and fulfilling weekend, and we want to thank Meera Dasi and Ratnamanjari for their patience and loving way of teaching. Above all we want to thank Swami Vishwananda for his love and support!

The Sri Kamala Netra Krishna temple team, Switzerland