27 Oct 2011

Swami Vishwananda celebrates Divali

"...Divali is celebrated in India as the Festival of light. Rama was returning from Lanka where he killed the demon Ravana. When he came home, all people celebrated this victory with lighting lamps. It means the victory of the positive.
Divali reminds us about our inner light, the light that banishes the darkness of the mind.
The inner light attracts even more then only positivity - it attracts the Lord himself!
This is what Divali means: Awaken the inner light and let it shine inside yourself!
...Lakshmi removes the darkness and shines inside of you. She gives spiritual wealth and gives whatever pleases the devotee. She gives as much as the devotee is dedicated. If you surrender 100%, she reflects it!
Pray to Goddess Lakshmi that she, in her motherly love, carries you, handles you and looks after you always!"