22 Jul 2011


Swami told this story at Gurupurnima (Utpalavati paraphrasing from memory):
There was a boy in Mauritius, actually, who was in despair--over a girl. Of course, I knew about it. I went to his home and asked his mother, "Where is your son?" The mother told me that her son was sleeping in his room. I told her, 'No, he is not sleeping.'
When I went to this boy's room, he had taken lots of pills. The boy became all right. The boy's mother asked me later, "What did you do?" You see, the Divine Mother takes care when you ask her for something if it is beneficial.
Swami told this story very humbly, so that you almost did not notice that he actually was the instrument the Divine Mother used to heal the boy. The story was very heart-touching!