22 Jun 2009

A long prayer

Swami Vishwananda made in 2000 a pilgrim in a bus with 50 people. One evening, we arrived at the Oropa Monastery with our bus where we were to spend the night. The sight is magnificent as the monastery is perched in the mountains and snow covers the rocks around. After we organised our belongings and dined in the refectory, we went to pray to the beautiful black Madonna in the sanctuary. The tradition relates that Saint Eusebe had brought this wooden statue, carved by Saint Luke from Jerusalem. After we admired a huge crucifix in carved wood in the outside courtyard, we started singing a Rosary. Someone started singing a canticle, and then another Christian song. Swami Vishwananda started singing all His repertory. It was never-ending. My feet were completely frozen, and I was seeing the other people shivering as well, as nobody had dressed to stay outside. I whispered to Swami Vishwananda: - “If we stay longer outside, people will catch a cold.” He then answered to me: - “Nobody will get a cold. Never worry when you pray to God.” I kept silent afterwards; I was reassured but still frozen. We sang for another 15 minutes and then we came in and drank a well-deserved tea. I thus learnt to be completely dedicated to God when I pray, and not to worry about anything else. The next day and for the days which followed, everybody remained in good health.