31 Dec 2011

Darshan 30.12.2011

Swami Vishwananda asked
Swami Vishwavijayananda (Pritala) to give a speech.
Pritala spoke about some of his experiences which he had with Swami Vishwananda. If you know Pritala, then you know that the way he talks is very enjoyable and sometimes funny. So it was last night. He spoke in a very lively and amusing way, also with some self-criticism about the "tests" wich he passed or failed.
Swami Vishwananda did not give any speech :-( but sung some enchanting Bhajans before he gave Darshan and afterwards as well.
This series of Darshans in the Christmas week was highly special and touching and we all know that this was an extraordinary gift! Thank you, Swamiji!
(You can watch the whole Darshan here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/darshan-live?)

30 Dec 2011

Darshan Live

From about 8 pm onwards:

darshan 29.12.2011

Swami Vishwananda spoke about how the master talks to his deciple. This can be though a dream or a inner message.
If this happens it is a very personal message! You should not go around and tell others: 'Swamiji told me this and that...' No! It is a secret what you have to share only with your master. Meditate on it and let it grow. It is like a treasure.
He mentiond also, that from next year on he will not give any talks at Darshan. Everything is written in the books "Just Love".
(You can watch the whole Darshan-speach here:

Darshan 29.12.2011

Swami Vishwananda spoke about how the master talks to his disciple. This can be through a dream or an inner message.
If this happens it is a very personal message! You should not go around and tell others 'Swamiji told me this and that...' No! It is a secret that you have to share only with your master. Meditate on it and let it grow. It is like a treasure.
Swamiji signalized also, that next year he will not talk before Darshan. Everything he said in the last years you can read in the books "Just Love"
(see ahead)
(You can listen to the whole speech here:

28 Dec 2011

The Bhakti Marga Tilak

This afternoon Swami Vishwananda demonstrated how to make a simple tilak on your forehead.
He would be very happy to see that worldwide the tilak looks (more or less) the same and not big and short, or long and thin, or only a red line or the Guru doton top, etc. but that the Bhakti Marga tilak is also applied with a sense of unity.
Here is the demonstration:
All you need is Chandan (it is white or dark and is made of the earth of Vrindavan or Radha-Kund) and Kumkum (red powdered colour) and a thin wooden stick (best is an incense stick - just remove the incense)
The best Chandan is the "Gopi-Chandan".
Just put a few drops of water in your hand and rub the block of chandan together with the water 'til you get a paste.
Dip the ring finger of your right hand into the chandan paste and paint a vertical line in the middle of your forehead. Paint the line in an upward motion; from the base of your nose to the hairline. There are different mantras chanted when applying tilakam on various parts of the body. When applying tilak on your forehead, chant 'Om Keshavaya Namaha'. After this, with your (dry) ring finger, you can clean the middle part creating a 'U' shape. (This symbolizes the feet of Vishnu). You can use the incense stick to go over the lines to make them more apparent but make sure to use your finger to make the tilak first.
With your middle finger, take some more chandan and make the Tulsi leaf, starting from the base of your nose going downwards - creating a leaf shape. You can form and correct the outline of the leaf a bit with your fingers. The Tulsi leaf represents devotion which is small at first, and just like the leaf it keeps increasing in size until we can reach the Lotus Feet of the Lord.
Then, use the incense stick to make the 'Guru-Dot' with the red Kumkum. Paint the dot in the middle of the Tulsi leaf and chant 'Om Sri Gurubhyo Namaha'. Afterwards paint the shakti line in the middle of Vishnu's feet. The line symbolizes Vishnu's Shakti - Lakshmi devi who helps us reduce our attachments which are big at first and then disappear, just like the red line. Draw the line from down to up.

Darshan 27.12.2011

Swami Vishwananda spoke about happiness and inner peace.
And also about spiritual pride and a lot more...
You can watch the whole Darshan:

27 Dec 2011

Darshan last night

Last night Darshan was so lovely. Swami Vishwananda gave us a very great and special gift; he said he will give Darshan every night 'til the 30th of December (7 pm temple prayer, 8 pm Darshan)
You must not be registered, just come and take part!

25 Dec 2011

Pilgrimages in 2012

We are happy that under the guidance of Sri Swami Vishwananda it is once again possible to visit sacred places:
Registration possible 'til 20. January 2012
For further questions: france.pilgrimage@bhaktimarga.org
Registration possible 'til: 15.January 2012
For further questions: pilgrimages@bhaktimarga.org
We are especially happy that Swami Vishwananda will give 2 more workshops in Lanzarote:
There is a limited number of participants on all trips. Please register as soon possible.
In case of any questions please contact:

The meaning of the christmas Tree

Last afternoon Swami Vishwananda spoke about the meaning of the Christmas tree:
For dinner He came to the kitchen team and helped serving the meal which was a typical Polish Christmas meal cooked by the Polish group.
Later we all sat together and enjoyed a happy dinner.

22 Dec 2011

Blessing from Swami Vishwananda during an AVC surgery

Vidula from Brasília, Brazil, who is an OM-Healing organizer wrote to us about an amazing healing experience with Swami Vishwananda. “It was Sunday, early morning...I woke up and slept again. In my dream Swamiji was in Brazil and after the Darshan we were in a church. Then, I noticed that Swamiji was talking to one of my cousins (she has never met Guruji in this life). They were sitting on one of the church benches and the church was full of people sitting down around them. My cousin who is very shy was talking a lot with Swami Vishwananda! And as she was talking in Portuguese! To read the story please click HERE.

18 Dec 2011

Darshan of Swami Vishwananda in Cudrefin, Schweiz

Swami Vishwananda said" The essence of the mind are thoughts. The mind is always wandering. By nature and by habits it wanders. We can compare the mind with clay. With clay you can fashion whatever you want: a pot or the statue of a deity. With the mind it is the same; you can focus on the image you want. But the mind is always moving, it is difficult to control. As it wanders you have to bring it back again and again. Keep on trying. When the mind is absorbed in the Divine, the mind starts to take the quality, the form of the Divinity you are calling... For more please click HERE.

16 Dec 2011

Like all the years before...

... Swami Vishwananda is NOT asking for any personal presents!

Instead you can help by donating to support the finishing of the construction work at the Shree Peetha Nilaya.
Further Information can be found here
Swamiji is looking forward to celebrate the Re-opening Party with You all soon!
Please help.

1 Dec 2011

Mahavatar Babaji Commemoration Day

Last night we celebrated Mahavatar Babaji's decision to stay on earth.
Swami Vishwananda spoke about how it was, how Babaji was sitting together with His devotees and told them that He was thinking about ascending back into heaven. His sister, Mataji argued 'But you are everywhere anyhow, You are omipresent in the whole universe - for you it makes no difference if you go to heaven or stay here with us on earth.'
This was a very good argument and so Babaji decided to stay here on earth with us!
This wonderful loving decision is celebrated everywhere in the world on the 30th of November!

29 Nov 2011

Swamiji's playfulness

Last night Swami Vishwananda asked us all to come to the Bhajan Cafe. He showed us pictures from the pilgrimage in India and explained a bit so that we could get an impression of the deep spirituality of this journey.

Later on Swami Vishwananda played the new "Bhakti-Memo" game with Pritala. We could hear His joy and laughter throughout the whole room while He was winning (of course)!

27 Nov 2011


“Christ is born every day in the heart of man.”
Every year, in all the world, we celebrate Christmas together; the birth of Jesus Christ, the One who came to redeem mankind, the great Master who is an example of humanness, compassion and devotion.
Swami Vishwananda says that in Mauritius, Christmas is not only a feast for Christians, but is celebrated by members of all religions: “The birth of Christ is something very mystical, because Christ renews his birth every year, whenever we celebrate it, in the heart of man.“
When we try to connect with God, Christ and the great Masters during Christmas time, we create a strong foundation for the New Year. Christ creates in our hearts a lasting landmark of love, so that we recognise that we are all children of the One God.
For this year’s Christmas we have put together a package, which is meant to help us, to find that inner Christmas in our hearts. The package contains a rose quartz heart and a bee’s wax peace candle, which have been blessed by Swami himself and are a reminder of Jesus’ light and love. With the light of the candle, blessed by Swami, we can light all candles of the coming year. The incense symbolises the gifts of frankincense and myrrh of the three Holy Kings. And on the new Christmas DVD, Swami shares his thoughts on Christmas and its meaning.
The proceeds of 29,-- Euros (plus postage) per packet go entirely into the renovation project of the Bhakti Marga Center Shree Peetha Nilaya” in Springen. The Christmas package can be ordered online www.bhaktishop.de (If anyone can't order it online, they can order it also via email: daya@bhaktimarga.org)
We wish you a very Merry Christmas, much light and blessings!
Paartha and Naamdev
On behalf of the whole Bhakti Marga team.
PS: Friends of Bhakti Marga receive a discount of 10% ! If you are interested in joining Friends of Bhakti Marga , please send an email to tusti@bhaktimarga.org

26 Nov 2011

Pilgrimage with Swami Vishwananda - 7th part

The group of Swami Vishwananda spent the last days in Vrindavan and Mathura, the the birthplace of Krishna and the place where all the Gopi stories come from. 

The group of Swami  Vishwananda was welcomed very heartfully by Dr. Satya Narayan Das and stayed at his Jiva Institute in Vrindavan.

The next days they went to many of the places where Krishna played his Leelas.
They visited the prison in Mathura, where Krishna was born and some also took a "dip" in the Radha Kund and the Shyama Kund.
Thank you, Anuprabha, for the pictures.

23 Nov 2011

Pilgrimage with Swami Vishwananda - 6th part

Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamy

The next stop of the tour with Swami Vishwananda was at Mantralayam, a city on the banks of the river Tungabhadra on the way back to Hyderabad. 
Mantralyam is a Hindu religious place where the Moola Brindavanam of Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamy is located.
Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamy, (1601-1671), was an influential saint in Hinduism. He advocated Vaishnavism (i.e. worship of Vishnu as the supreme God) and Dvaita philosophy advocated by Sri Madhavacharya.
It is believed that Guru Raghavendra Swamy is in the Vrindavana for the past 339 years and will remain there in Jiva-Samadhi for another 361 years. While entering the Vrindavana, Guru Raghavendra Swamy stated that he would be there (in the Vrindavana) for 700 years.
He is considered to be a reincarnation of Lord Rama and Sri Krishna. Shri Raghavendra Swamy is said to have performed many miracles during his lifetime and is believed to continue to bless his devotees to this day and will continue to do so.
His devotees sing this Stotra every day.