29 Sep 2013

Darshan in Warsaw last night

Some pictures from last night Darshan in Poland.

Sri Swami Vishwananda went there just for this one day - because there was unfortunately no time to stay longer.

Tomorrow, Monday,  there is program here at Shree Peetha Nilaya: in the morning Pitrapaksh and in the afternoon Darshan. 

27 Sep 2013

NEW: a modern remix CD ...

... with electronic effects sung by Premavatar Sri Swami Vishwananda.

A modern remix on an ancient and poetic hymn dedicated to Lord Krishna with a more upbeat dance style. The Madhurashtakam Remix combines the original Sanksrit words with an English translation that creates a beautiful fusion of musical styles and traditions. Bringing powerful and transcendental mantras to electronic dance sounds gives the listener a unique experience unlike anything else you will have heard before and the sweet voice of Sri Swami Vishwananda transmits pure devotion and Love straight to our hearts and uplifts us in all ways!

The Guru-Disciple Relationship

The Guru-Disciple Relationship is the most precious relationship in the world. Yet we - maybe in the West more than in the East - often struggle with our understanding of it.

Of one of the great Saints of India, Srimat Sukadeva Goswami, exists an extraordinary and unique satsang booklet highlighting and encompassing many highly important aspects about the role of the Divine Guru, and about our role in the supreme relationship the Guru allows us to enter into.

This booklet has thus far been not widely available. To open the possibility to more people to receive valuable inspiration, understanding and also practical guidance and advice, Guruji has asked us to make the booklet available on our blogs. Please feel free to share also with anyone else you feel will greatly benefit from Srimat Sukadeva Goswami's timeless pearls of wisdom.

Link to book ->

24 Sep 2013

First Maha OM Healing in Switzerland

Only shortly after the OM Healing Tour through Germany and Austria the first Maha OM Healing took place near Bern in Switzerland. 

First the OM Healing organizers met for 45 min. OM Healing session. Then the rest of the people joined the group and 60 people participated a one hour OMH session. It was very strong. Many felt their heart Chakra rotating at the end of the session and were very touched. 

After a speech about Atma Kriya and a nice lunch outside in the sun we went on with singing Bhajans until 5.30PM. The first Maha OMH in Switzerland was a wonderful experience and inspired everybody to have OM healing more often in big groups.


22 Sep 2013

Bus trip to the Sri Kamadchi-Ampal - Temple in North Germany

After we celebrated last Friday morning, together with Sri Swami Vishwananda, Sri Radha's birthday in our temple (the ceremonies began early at 6:00 and went until 10:00 clock) a trip to the Temple of Sri Kamadchi-Ampal at Hamm (North Rhine Westphalia) was planned. We were all invited for the head Swami's 50th Birthday!

For this purpose we rented a big bus. Each of the residents had paid his share, and only a few remained at home around the centre to "protect" it and do the prayers.
Because of the Friday afternoon traffic, we arrived a little late but we quickly saw that everything worked "Indian style" : There was no specific timetable, or if there was one, it was not important.

As Swami Vishwananda arrived at the large, beautifully decorated marquee, he was welcomed heartfully and brought up to the stage. There were gifts and malas back and forth presented and he was asked to take place there next to the birthday Swamiji.

There were some songs that were sung by different singers, in between some speeches in Tamil and some beautiful traditional Indian dances, then speeches - and speeches...

Here you can see that was a kind of desk on the stage built up to coordinate all the speeches which where very impressive but, unfortunately for us, not understandable! 

Meanwhile we went to the temple and came in time for the procession of Sri Kamadchi that was pushed on a golden chariot through the temple, accompanied by drums and very loud Kalmai sound (... we need a Kalmai!). Very impressive - we had landed in the middle of India!

Unfortunately we had to leave on time at 21:00 again - as it was the schedule of the bus driver, but he made it possible for us to enjoy a fast but wonderful Indian dinner. We ended up arriving home very late at night!

It was wonderful to go on a lovely short trip with our Guruji! Thank you!

19 Sep 2013

Hazel Courteney talks about Swamiji

A few weeks ago Hazel Courteney* visited the Bhakti Marga Center in Springen.  It was her second time that she was here - this time she came for Darshan with Sri Swami Vishwananda. Here a video about how she experienced Sri Swami Vishwananda.

* Hazel Courteney is a British journalist specializing in alternative health and spiritual issue. Here a link to her webpage where she writes about Sri Swami Vishwananda:

18 Sep 2013

Inauguration of the Krishna Garden Temple in Cudrefin (Switzerland)

In November 2008 Swami Vishwananda came to Switzerland to inaugurate the Kamala Netra Krishna Temple in Cudrefin at Payoja’s home. The building is surrounded by a wonderful temple garden. 

Often when Payoja was working in the temple garden she would chant the Krishna Maha Mantra for her beloved Krishna. One day Krishna asked her to build a temple for Him underneath an old, beautiful red beech tree. Since she loves the colourful temples of India she knew that Krishna’s new home should be built in the old Indian tradition and style. She used Murano glass and silver mirror pieces to increase the brilliance of the colours. In front of the temple there is a big and neat yagya place for many participants.

Guruji promised to come and inaugurate the temple on the 15th of September. As many of you know, Dharmananda, a very dear devotee of Swami Vishwananda and musician and friend of all of us, left his body a day before. We couldn’t expect Guruji to come - but he came. 50 people, including many new devotees were given the chance to experience Guruji’s love and grace while he was inaugurating the temple with a Kalash Puja and painting Krishna’s new face. He painted Him with big open eyes that are looking at us lovingly.

Guruji explained that during a Prana Pratishta ceremony (a hindu ceremony in which a murti is given life) a Murti is also given a name. Krishna had come on earth to sustain and bring back righteousness and thus Guruji gave our new Krishna the name Dharma Raj – Guardian of Righteousness. He also received this name in remembrance of Dharmananda.

16 Sep 2013

In remembrance of our dearest brother Dharmananda

It is time to tell the story of our dear brother Dharmananda who on the morning of the 14th of September left his body and now rejoices in the Lord’s heart. His last few hours in this world were one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed in my entire life. I shall do my best to honour the experience, the ‘moment’, Sri Swami Vishwananda and Dharmananda.

On the night of the 13th of September 2013 Sri Swami Vishwananda decided to go and visit Dharmananda at his home. His health had been slowly deteriorating for some time already and so we were all quite eager to go and spend time with him and be at his side, supporting him with our love. It had been one year since Dharma was diagnosed with tumours in his body and the events that followed that night were the culmination of a long journey, through many lifetimes even, one felt. Swamiji, together with 4 other devotees and myself, arrived at the house of Dharmananda in Bonn in the early hours of the 14th, at around half past midnight. We were welcomed by his mother, sister and neighbour who have been lovingly looking after Dharma and helping him with his every day needs. As we entered his room immediately we all noticed one thing. That the man we saw here was not Dharmananda. It was but a shell, the body was merely a vehicle for the great servant of the Lord that we had known and loved for years. Though physically diminished and weak, his presence was immensely strong in the room and his serenity and calmness could be felt almost instantly. As he was sleeping at the time, Guruji gently woke him up, caressing his head and holding the hand of his dear devotee. As Dharma awoke and saw who was at his bedside he lovingly exclaimed, “Guruji! Guruji!” His eyes were so very different from those so familiar to us for years. As he locked eyes with Guruji one could see the purity and sincerity of his immeasurable joy at having his Guru by his side one more time. Unable to really speak at all due to the sheer amount of physical pain and fatigue, Dharma simply stared at his beloved and held his hand tight. Witnessing this, it was clear to all there that Dharma’s life was nearing its end. Yet one thing had permeated the entire room and filled the hearts of all present in a most powerful way. The Love relationship between the Master and the disciple is something beyond comprehension. Beyond expression. Beyond measurement and far surpassing anything else any of us have ever seen or felt in our lives. Dharma was looked after daily by his mother, his sister, his family yet one could feel the joy in him at the simple sight of his Guru. I won’t hold back in saying that the love a human can share for another is but a joke compared to that which the Guru holds for his children. As Swamiji caressed him, held his hand and showered his love on him we could do nothing but cry tears of bewilderment and joy. The realisation came to us that here was a brother who had attained that which we all dream and wish for in the depths of our hearts. The Lord had come to his side at the time of his departure to hold his hand and nurture him. To repay all the love and service offered by Dharmananda, Swamiji had come to be by his side and fulfil his soul’s deepest wishes. We could only rejoice at the wonder of the occasion. During one moment, Swamiji loosened His grip on Dharma’s hand simply to re-adjust his seat, but fearing that Guruji was in fact leaving Dharma, with all his effort, he held Guruji’s hand and motioned him not to leave his side! It was so incredibly sweet and innocent. Like the child who never wants to leave his mother’s side.

So at this point Swamiji asked Dharma if he wanted us to sing for him. Dharma’s whole life was music; it was his passion and his service to Swamiji and Bhakti Marga for a full 10 years. Needless to say Dharma’s eyes lit up at the suggestion and he gently said, “Sing! Sing!” So as it was Radhashtami on Friday, Guruji accompanied by all present began singing Radha bhajans for almost 30 minutes non-stop. Dharma rested peacefully and from time to time a smile would break out on his face. Can you imagine a more beautiful scene? With his spiritual family and his Gurudev at his bed side, holding his hand, singing the Divine Names to him with tears of joy, it made us all think of the one time that Swami said “The master will be with the disciple at the time of his passing but not the devotee. To a true disciple only does the Master afford this grace”. This was exactly what was happening.

As time passed, Guruji left Dharma’s side and spoke words of Love and reassurance to the family as the rest of us kept Dharma company. I was curious to see what his reaction would be when he opened his eyes and no longer found Guruji by his side but instead Pramod, Swami Vijaya, Swami Keshava, Pankaj and myself. Would there be disappointment? But the answer was no. He gazed upon us with such love and appreciation that you would not believe. He squeezed my hand as if it was a confirmation that he was so happy to have us by his side. Still, the sweetest moment of the night had yet to come. When Swami returned to his place at Dharma’s bedside, Dharma used all the strength in his body to reach over the bed and try to grab Guruji’s leg, motioning that he wished to touch his Guru’s Lotus Feet. Swami obliged and raised his foot and placed it over the bed ledge and next to Dharma’s head. Upon first sight of His feet, Dharma inched his head forward and started to kiss them as quickly as he could. It was the culmination of so many emotions, so much surrender and Bhakti. I will not even attempt to describe this moment further for it was too extraordinary and incomprehensible to the ignorant human mind. At this moment I found myself praying for Dharma to leave his body immediately! What luck and what grace! I could not picture a more ideal way to go such was the beauty of it all. It brings tears to my eyes just to picture it once more.

As time passed Guruji decided it was time to leave as Dharma’s caretakers also needed to rest as by now it was around 3am. We all said our goodbyes to Dharma and the family. As we left, I touched his feet and took his blessings upon my head as I felt this would be the last time I would ever see Dharmananda in this body. This proved to be true. As we were in the car returning to Springen, Swamiji said that at the time of his death all the Holy Masters will come to receive him and take him to Heaven. It came as no surprise to any of us for having just seen the pure love shared between disciple and Guru for hours, there could be no doubt of what was to come for Dharma. So the next morning I received a call from Guruji at around 9.30 am at which point he told me the news that Dharmananda had died at 5am earlier that morning, a mere 2 hours after we had left his side. Guruji was crying on the phone as he told me that despite all the happiness and joy we felt for him, he was still a little sad for the loss of his dear disciple. Can you imagine how much love one must have for God and Guru to earn such reward? When one can see how much Swami loves Dharma and how much he did, does and will do for him, then only can one appreciate the magnitude of what Dharma was truly able to accomplish in this life. It is the wish and dream of every devotee to be in the heart of the master at all times and I can say without any hesitation or doubt that Dharmananda now rests in the heart of Sri Swami Vishwananda eternally. So I went up to Swamiji’s bungalow to be with Him and together with Swami Vijaya and Pramod we began to discuss and reflect on the night’s events and what had just come to pass. Swami revealed to us immediately that just as he had predicted, the Masters had indeed come to take Dharmananda at the time of his departure. At around 5am, his sister who was looking after him at the time had a sudden urge to visit the neighbour for whatever reason thus leaving Dharma alone in his room. At that very moment Mahavatar Babaji Himself and all the Holy Masters came to Dharma. Swami said that He Himself travelled there to be at his side and that Dharma was fully conscious before his death and that he met Babaji and all present and then he departed his body.

Upon hearing this we all smiled in immense joy for our brother for he had done it. He was truly the luckiest man in all the worlds in that moment and we could feel nothing but joy, joy and more joy for him. We began to reflect on all the lessons and experiences we were able to take away from not only the previous night but Dharma’s life as a whole. First I want to start off by saying this; Dharmananda was just like me or you. He was a seeker, a devotee of the Lord with the same troubles, the same doubts, the same faults and the same obstacles as we all face on our spiritual path. Yet when Life took an extreme turn for him he was able to see past all that and truly surrender to his Guru. Swami helped him immeasurably to achieve that goal. Swami had granted Dharma a confession not too long back in a final act to remove all guilt or fault present inside him and I promise you I have never seen Dharma so free in my entire life. He had no baggage, no attachments,  no guilt, no anything! This is the grace of the Guru. When he sees the true sincere seeker he will take every step necessary to help that devotee advance as far as he can. Dharmananda had left each one of us with the sensation of Hope. A Hope that no matter how ‘bad’ your life may seem and no matter how many mistakes you may think you have done, there is always a path to the Lord’s heart and your guide will be your humility, sincerity and surrender. That Hope is none other than Sri Swami Vishwananda. Only through Him can this be a reality. Only through Him can the unworthy be deemed worthy. Only through Him can the lost be truly and eternally found for He is the only reality in this world. And must we go through what our dear brother went through to come to this realisation? Must we bear such suffering and pain to finally acknowledge that He is the only one that can and will always be by your side no matter what and surrender to His Lotus Feet? I pray not and Dharmananda has shown us that surrender and becoming a disciple of the Lord is not this far away, unattainable dream that seems to impossibly difficult. Two years ago I remember sitting in a crowded restaurant with him eating a veggie burger, cracking jokes and loving life on our way to perform at a Darshan with Swamiji and I couldn’t help but feel a renewal of spirit within me. Here was a man no different than any of us and now two years later the Premavatar and the Mahavatar of this world are carrying him to heaven personally. If that doesn’t inspire you then I don’t know what will.

With all this said, it is my sincere wish that all who have ever known or been touched by Dharmananda and his love for God and Guru honour his life and memory by surrendering to the Lord and letting go of all which is of no importance in our lives. To let go of all our fears, guilt and ideas and submit to He who is the one true Lover of Mankind. I have witnessed it with my very eyes and with my heart and believe me when I say to you that you want exactly what Dharmananda attained and if you don’t then you should. Let us not waste these valuable lessons and opportunities afforded to us for we never know when our time of reckoning will come. So sing, sing and sing like Dharmananda did his whole life and you are sure to receive the same Love and reward from the greatest being I have ever come to know, Premavatar Sri Swami Vishwananda.

Much Love,

13 Sep 2013

Om Healing Summer Tour

Dear All,
we had our first succesfull evening in Cologne with Ramayote. He did a great job, organizing very well a beautifull big room filled with 88 persons, came for OMH. Ramayoti planed to have 108 persons for the event, which is a divine number simbolazing also absoluteness. The sum of 108 is 9. When we add to the 88 participants , also the presence of our Masters - which presence were thruly there -, than we were 90 beings, that is also the sum of 9.
Around 1/3 of them enjoyed for the very first time OMH and were curious to hear about OMH but also about AKY, Mahavatar an Swamiji. Ramayti introduced the program with a presentation of a pilgrimage to India with Guruji. After this Dayakari and me spoke about OM and OMH and about the love which arice by regular practising of OMH. It was an immence powerfull sound filling the whole athmosphare with joy and love. We were very greatfull and we said thanks for the participants for the inspirering starts for our Tour. Tommorow we continue the tour for Bodensee, we have Flash Mob in Konstanz, than in the evening OMH in CH in Kreuzlingen.

Sorry for the bad English, late evening, we are quite tired just arrived in Dayakar's home after 3 hours driving, sending you the 2 photos and this short report with much Love,
Dayakari & Padmakshi 

Next events will be: 

Freitag, 13.09.2013 16.00 Uhr, D-78462 Konstanz, Münsterplatz 1 
Samstag, 14. 09,2013 10:00 Uhr, D-78223 Singen, August-Ruf-Srt. 6 
Samstag, 14.09.2013 16.00 Uhr,  D-80331 München, Rindermarkt 1 
Sonntag, 15.09.2013 16.00 Uhr, A-6020 Innsbruck, Rennweg 2 "Tiroler Landestheater" 
Dienstag, 17.09.2013 17.00 Uhr, A-1010 Wien, Stephansplatz rechts vom Stephansdom

12 Sep 2013

Darshan in Lisbon - Portugal

More than 1200 people where at the majestic Darshan given by Sri Swami Vishwananda.
Thank you dear Guruji ...
Thank you once more for letting us be in your Ocean of Divine Love and letting us rest in your heart as your beloved children!

(from Vishalakshi / Portugal)

10 Sep 2013

Darshan in Prague

Darshan in Prague - all together in Love.

Sports hall on Chodově, on the suburb of Prague,  local residents use for sports and trainings, was on Sunday 8 September witnessed an unusual event... long queue, that are here in the afternoon began to form, was a surprise for them and promised that will happen here something truly extraordinary !
Indeed, yes !!!
Over 1 000 people gathered here, after two long years to see Sri Swami Vishwananda in Czech Republic.

Message, that Swami arrives to Czech, caught us totally unprepared (next darshan of Swami Vishwananda was planned for autumn 2014). After overcoming the initial     "shock", that we have for preparing just a little over two weeks, we said that we will certainly do it !  ;-)

And so we instead of simple and calm Maha OM Healing, which was scheduled for that weekend, began plan big event... Get together all necessary equipment for the big event like darshan is not really easy, and is not also easy to coordinate everything,  often it was literally “hectic” and also a great test for all of us, how we can join together and forget our ego ...phones constantly rang and many of us slept in those days only three hours per day. But in the end everything was prepared!

and we were satisfied…
Swamiji arrived a day earlier, to look at some interesting places associated with Czech history and its saints, but on Sunday has rushed to spread His Love to the hall full of people.

For many was a meeting with Him for first time, linked with a certain curiosity, and they literally devoured information about him, about his teaching as well as Atma Kriya, there were over 600 new people!

During the long wait in the queue for darshan sometimes sounded loud BHAJÓÓÓ...! that people quickly learned, and gave us always new energy!

Hastily assembled band of Czech musicians, accompanied by guests from India, England and Russia was perfectly aligned. It is seen that when all join together in Love, then everything goes much easily.
So, next year again? We all already looking forward...
And  thanks to you, Dear Guruji !
Also thanks from heart to all of you who contributed donations or contributions or  helped us. Without you it would not be possible to organize darshan.

Rohini, Czech Republic

9 Sep 2013

Krishna liberates the Demon Putana!

Watch this really funny play from Krishna Janmashtami 2013! The Gopis and Krishna, played by Chidananda, were all beautifully dressed up and busy eating makhan when Putana came by to start her mischief!

Hilarity ensued and it was extremely funny to see Swami Vijaya in the role of the demon Putana. We had so much fun, and Swamiji too!

4 Sep 2013

What is Real Love? - Krishna Janmashtami 2013

After performing midnight Abishekam to Bala Krishna, Sri Swami Vishwananda told a story of real Love and our need to recognize it and act upon it before life's opportunities pass us by!

It was a beautiful talk that resonated with a lot of people's life experiences and many of us were left very moved by it. Swamiji addresses the nature of the Lord's Love, and just how important it is for us to not blind ourselves to it and truly appreciate it and reciprocate it back unto Him.

2 Sep 2013

Krishna Leela

 Bala Krishna is born!!!

Early morning after Krishna's birth (we all were still tired as we went to bed only at 4 am), we all met in the tent for a Yagna 

Yagna was started by Swami VishwaKeshava while Swami Vishwananda was sitting beside meditating. He performed the final rounds later on and finished with Aarti. 

In the afternoon there was a talk about Lord Krishna and the Bhagavad Gita on the program. 
We were all waiting in the tent until finally Swami Vishwananda came, opened the Bhagavad Gita, and then something unexpected happened:

Swamiji asked: "Who has read the Bhagavad Gita?"

- silence - some lonely hands raised up...

next question: "Who knows about Krishna's life?"

- once more only a few hands...

So, Swamiji closed the Bhagavad Gita and said:
"You really bring me now into a dilemma! If you don't have the basic knowledge about Krishna's life, what should I tell you now? Please, all of you who know about Krishna's life, come with me up into the temple - there I will talk about the deeper meaning of Chapter 10 of the Bhagavad Gita!"

Total silence - Swamiji went! And a few went also - and then some more...

In the end the temple was quite full and Swamiji asked some questions to some people - any wrong answers were welcomed with a sharp "out!" from Swamiji.

What Swami then told about the deeper meaning of the verses of the Chapter 10 (Vibuthi Yoga) - was  full of wisdom and we got once more a little glimpse of God's universe and all the worlds inside it.
(In his mercy Swamiji did invite all the people to come in and listen eventually)

Late at night we had our plays in the tent ... about some episodes in Krishna's life like: the Gopis feeding Krishna, and dancing with him... 

Parvati and Shiva showed up also to the dancing party, ... they had an issue with each another and where fighting - in Italian!

And last but not least we took Swamiji on a swing which we installed secretly before - and from this moment on there started a very happy special "Krishna Leela" with dancing arround him and singing a lot of Bhajans! 

Everybody was dancing and was happy till late, late night!